How to Find Your Mail SMTP Details

How to Find Your Mail SMTP Details

What is an SMTP and what does it mean for you as a Real Estate Agent?

SMTP is what is needed for enquiries to be alerted to you via email, whether it is a simple contact enquiry or a property enquiry, this is an important feature to make sure you are attentive to all leads whilst they are hot.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) serves as the backbone for email communication, enabling the seamless transfer of messages across the internet. In the context of managing enquiries, SMTP plays a crucial role in ensuring that inquiries, whether they pertain to general contact information or specific property details, are promptly delivered to your email inbox. This functionality is paramount for maintaining responsiveness to potential leads, especially when they are actively seeking information or expressing interest.

Why SMTP is essential for managing enquiries effectively:

Real-time Alerting: SMTP facilitates the instantaneous delivery of enquiry notifications to your email inbox. This real-time alerting mechanism ensures that you are promptly notified whenever someone reaches out with a question or expresses interest in your services or properties. As a result, you can respond swiftly, capitalizing on the immediacy of the lead’s interest and maximizing the chances of conversion.

Improved Customer Experience: Prompt communication is key to delivering a positive customer experience. By utilizing SMTP to receive and respond to enquiries in a timely manner, you demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction. This responsiveness fosters goodwill and can set you apart from competitors who may be slower to engage with potential leads.

Maximized Opportunity Conversion: Enquiries are often time-sensitive, and delayed responses can result in missed opportunities. SMTP ensures that you are alerted to enquiries as soon as they are submitted, allowing you to capitalize on the momentum of a hot lead. By promptly addressing inquiries and providing relevant information or assistance, you increase the likelihood of converting leads into customers or clients.

How do I find my SMTP details?

Depending on the mail app that you use this can differ in the way that this information is usually retrieved.

Mail Server, Mail Port and Mail Encryption – This information can be found most of the time by simply googling “Smtp details for ‘X’ (See image)

Mail Email From – This is the email address that you wish to receive the alerts to on your website. 

Mail Username – In most cases, this will be the same as the above email address, however not always. If you are using an mail app such as Gmail, outlook, yahoo it is typically your email address. When speaking to your assigned project manager firstly 

Mail Password – This is simply the password to your email account


In summary, SMTP is indispensable for managing enquiries effectively in a digital environment. By enabling real-time alerting, enhancing responsiveness, optimizing lead management, improving the customer experience, and maximizing opportunity conversion, SMTP empowers businesses to stay agile and attentive in their interactions with potential leads and customers.

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