6 Best Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Agents To Get Leads In 2024

By James Sheldon

Real estate professionals looking to expand their online presence and increase lead generation in 2024 should consider leveraging social media platforms. In today’s digital landscape, these platforms play a crucial role in achieving success. This article explores the importance of social media for real estate agents and highlights the benefits of investing in these digital channels.

The discussion focuses on the main social media platforms that are particularly advantageous for real estate agents, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. It gives an overview of each platform, highlighting why they are valuable and providing strategies for effectively using them.

Additionally, the article provides advice on optimising social media presence for real estate professionals and introduces essential tools to enhance their social media marketing efforts. By incorporating these insights and strategies, real estate agents can take advantage of social media to strengthen their business growth and achieve their marketing goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media is essential for real estate agents in 2024 because it increases brand awareness, improves customer engagement, and provides cost-effective marketing opportunities.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are among the top social media platforms for real estate agents, and each platform requires unique strategies for maximum success.
  • Maximising your social media presence as a real estate agent requires understanding best practices for posting and utilising tools like Hootsuite and Buffer for effective marketing.
  • Why Social Media is Essential for Real Estate Agents

    In the contemporary digital environment, social media plays a pivotal role for real estate agents in overcoming market challenges and establishing a robust online presence. It serves as a platform for agents to display property listings, distribute market insights, and cultivate credibility among prospective clients.

    Through the strategic utilisation of social media, agents can enhance their visibility to a wide audience, encompassing local clientele as well as individuals seeking relocation opportunities.

    Furthermore, social media platforms facilitate community engagement, enabling agents to establish connections with residents, promote local events, and position themselves as authoritative figures within the neighbourhoods they cater to. These platforms present avenues for real estate agents to establish valuable networking relationships with fellow industry professionals, potential buyers, and sellers.

    Benefits of Investing in Social Media for Real Estate

    The investment in social media presents a multitude of advantages for real estate agents, encompassing heightened brand recognition, enhanced customer interaction, and cost-efficient marketing strategies.

    Increased Brand Awareness

    Social media plays a crucial role in enhancing brand awareness for real estate agents, facilitating the presentation of their professionalism and achievements to a broader audience. This heightened visibility not only contributes to the establishment of credibility but also enables agents to engage with potential clients on a more personal level.

    Through the display of their expertise via compelling content, agents can effectively distinguish themselves from competitors and build relationships founded on trust. Utilising social media platforms presents a cost-efficient method for advertising property listings, sharing client testimonials, and delivering updates on the real estate landscape.

    This dynamic online presence serves not only to attract new leads but also to cultivate existing client connections, thereby improving success rates in the fiercely competitive real estate sector.

    Improved Customer Engagement

    Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram play a significant role in enhancing customer engagement through interactive content and captivating storytelling. When users encounter compelling posts or stories that resonate with them, they are inclined to engage by liking, commenting, or sharing.

    This engagement not only fosters a stronger bond between the audience and the brand but also amplifies the content’s reach as it is disseminated to a wider audience. Effective storytelling is pivotal in capturing the audience’s attention by establishing emotional connections and delivering messages in a memorable manner.

    By integrating storytelling elements into their social media content, businesses can elevate their brand visibility and cultivate a loyal following.

    Cost-Effective Marketing

    Social media presents a cost-effective marketing solution for real estate agents, enabling them to optimise their marketing budget, ensuring that their advertisement expenditure is directed towards individuals who are potential clients. Through the utilisation of precise targeting options available on social media platforms, agents can focus on demographics, interests, behaviours, and specific locations, thereby augmenting the efficacy of their marketing campaigns. This targeted strategy not only minimises expenditure by eliminating resources expended on irrelevant audiences but also enhances the likelihood of engagement and conversions, resulting in a superior return on investment.

    Better Targeting

    Social media platforms offer enhanced targeting options, enabling real estate agents to gain valuable insights into audience behaviour and optimise their marketing strategies based on metrics. By capitalising on these sophisticated targeting capabilities, agents can develop tailored audiences segmented by demographics, interests, and behaviours. This targeted approach allows agents to focus their efforts on individuals who are more likely to exhibit interest in their listings, as opposed to employing a broad outreach strategy.

    Utilising the metrics and analytics provided by social media platforms, agents can monitor engagement levels, click-through rates, and conversion rates to iteratively refine and enhance their marketing initiatives. This data-centric methodology not only conserves time and resources but also enhances the likelihood of engaging the right audience with pertinent content.

    Increased Website Traffic

    Through the strategic utilisation of social media platforms, real estate agents have the opportunity to drive heightened traffic to their websites, thereby augmenting their visibility and establishing a stronger online presence.

    Engagement with followers through consistent posting, dissemination of informative material, and active participation with potential clientele on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can have a notable impact on website traffic volume. These interactions have the potential to result in an increase in website visitations, longer session durations, and improved user engagement metrics, all of which are critical factors for improving SEO rankings. The incorporation of hashtags, geotagging, and the sharing of visually compelling content can serve to further amplify online visibility, thereby rendering the agent’s brand more identifiable and esteemed within the digital domain.

    Top Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Agents

    Estate agents have a variety of prominent social media platforms at their disposal to enhance their marketing endeavours. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.


    Facebook serves as a formidable platform for estate agents, offering valuable features such as Facebook Marketplace and targeted adverts that enrich engagement with potential clients. By effectively utilising Facebook Marketplace, agents can present their listings to a broader audience, thereby enhancing visibility and generating a higher number of leads. Conversely, targeted adverts give the power to agents to engage with specific demographics that exhibit a heightened interest in their properties, thereby refining their advertising strategies and making them more focused and impactful.

    Moreover, functionalities like Facebook Live can be harnessed to conduct virtual property tours, providing prospective buyers with an immersive viewing experience. These tools not only facilitate agents in establishing a personalised connection with their audience but also aid in cultivating credibility and trust within the competitive real estate sector.


    Instagram serves as an optimal platform for real estate agents to exhibit properties using visual content, taking advantage of features such as IGTV and Stories to engage the audience effectively.

    The functionality of platforms like IGTV permits agents to produce extended video content for detailed property tours and neighbourhood spotlights, delivering a comprehensive experience for prospective buyers. Employing Instagram Stories enables the creation of a sense of immediacy through elements like countdown timers for forthcoming open houses or virtual tours. The interactive elements within these features foster audience interaction, facilitating enhanced connectivity with potential clients and fostering relationships through genuine and visually captivating storytelling.


    LinkedIn serves as a professional networking platform that enables real estate agents to establish connections with industry professionals and disseminate informative content through LinkedIn Pulse. By capitalising on LinkedIn’s extensive user base, agents can augment their visibility by actively participating in pertinent discussions, providing feedback on posts, and cultivating meaningful relationships.

    LinkedIn Pulse, the platform’s publishing tool, furnishes agents with a medium to demonstrate their industry acumen and proficiency through the publication of articles and pieces showcasing thought leadership. Through consistent sharing of valuable content, agents can position themselves as reliable authorities within the real estate sector, attracting potential clients and collaborators. Furthermore, involvement in LinkedIn groups and forums broadens networking possibilities and permits agents to engage with a broader audience.


    TikTok provides real estate agents with an opportunity to connect with a younger demographic by utilising innovative videos and popular content trends.

    Utilising the viral nature of TikTok, agents can present properties in a distinctive manner, offer valuable advice for both buyers and sellers, and position themselves as industry authorities. Embracing prevailing trends such as property tours, DIY home improvement tips, or community highlights can engage viewers and enhance their following. By integrating interactive features such as Q&A sessions or exclusive glimpses, agents can promote viewer engagement, fostering a sense of rapport and credibility. Through a systematic approach and a consistent presence, real estate agents can optimise their visibility and impact on this dynamic platform.


    Pinterest serves as a valuable platform for estate agents seeking to present properties and stimulate interest through visually appealing content. By curating visual boards dedicated to various property types, estate agents can effectively engage potential buyers in an aesthetically appealing manner. These boards may encompass high-quality images of residences, landscaping designs, interior decor concepts, and community highlights, thereby offering a comprehensive perspective on the property offerings.

    Through strategic incorporation of keywords and detailed descriptions, agents can optimise their boards for enhanced search visibility, facilitating the discovery process for prospective buyers. This approach, centred on discovery-driven content, enables agents to establish a robust online presence and attract a diverse audience of potential buyers.


    Utilising video content on YouTube allows real estate agents to present properties in a visual and captivating manner, capturing the attention of potential buyers worldwide. Live streaming functionality give the power tos agents to engage with viewers in real-time, addressing enquiries and fostering connections. By crafting informative playlists, agents can categorise their videos effectively, facilitating viewer access to relevant content and encouraging sustained engagement with their channel. These capabilities on YouTube not only facilitate agents in expanding their audience reach but also aid in establishing credibility and trust within the real estate industry.

    Key Reasons and Strategies for Using Each Social Media Platform

    Each social media platform provides distinct advantages and strategies for real estate agents, enabling them to efficiently reach their target audience and achieve their marketing objectives.

    Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

    Successful Facebook marketing strategies for the real estate industry encompass the implementation of various approaches, such as running targeted advertisements, leveraging the potential of Facebook Marketplace, and examining engagement metrics using Facebook analytics.

    Utilising targeted advertisements allows real estate professionals to tailor their outreach efforts to specific demographics, interests, and online behaviours, thereby enhancing the probability of reaching potential clients effectively. Furthermore, Facebook Marketplace serves as a valuable platform for showcasing property listings directly to individuals actively seeking homes.

    Analysing engagement metrics provides crucial insights into the types of posts that resonate with the target audience, enabling the refinement of marketing tactics for optimal impact. By integrating these methodologies, real estate agents can bolster their brand visibility and attract leads through the strategic utilisation of Facebook marketing.

    Instagram Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

    Estate agents have the opportunity to leverage Instagram as a platform for sharing visually engaging content, utilising Stories to offer behind-the-scenes perspectives, and employing pertinent hashtags to broaden their reach.

    The significance of visual content cannot be understated in the realm of capturing the interest of prospective clients. By furnishing high-quality photographs and videos of properties, agents can effectively highlight key attributes and leave a lasting impact. The utilisation of Instagram Stories presents an interactive avenue for engaging with one’s audience, offering insights into daily operations and property viewings. Strategic incorporation of hashtags pertaining to real estate trends, locations, and property categories serves to enhance the discoverability of posts and expand their audience reach.

    LinkedIn Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

    Estate agents have the opportunity to utilise LinkedIn as a platform to share professional content, expand their network, and utilise LinkedIn Pulse as a tool for publishing insightful articles.

    This combination of strategies holds significant importance for real estate professionals seeking to solidify their position as industry authorities and enhance credibility among prospective clients. By consistently disseminating valuable content, agents can demonstrate their expertise and offer meaningful perspectives to their audience, positioning themselves as trusted advisors within the competitive real estate sector.

    Engagement in networking activities on LinkedIn enables agents to establish connections with industry colleagues, potential clients, and other professionals who can contribute to the broadening of their outreach and the expansion of their business. Furthermore, the utilisation of LinkedIn Pulse for article publication serves to enhance an agent’s visibility and credibility. Articles published through this platform can reach a larger audience, establishing the agent as a thought leader within the real estate industry.

    TikTok Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

    Real estate agents have the opportunity to strategically utilise TikTok as a marketing tool by creating compelling videos, actively participating in trending topics, and engaging with popular challenges to effectively connect with a younger demographic. By harnessing the platform’s extensive reach and diverse user base, real estate professionals can present properties in innovative and captivating ways that resonate with potential buyers.

    Integrating elements such as humour, storytelling, and a behind-the-scenes look at the real estate industry can play a pivotal role in humanising the agent’s brand and establishing a more relatable connection with their audience. By remaining informed about current TikTok trends and challenges, agents can ensure that their content remains relevant and resonates with a tech-savvy demographic.

    Furthermore, it is crucial to note that TikTok’s algorithm places a premium on consistency and content quality, thus making it a valuable investment for individuals seeking to enhance their online presence and engage with a broader audience effectively.

    Pinterest Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

    Pinterest provides a platform for real estate agents to construct visual boards and pins that exhibit properties and aid in the discovery process for potential buyers. By carefully curating boards centred around various themes such as luxury homes, interior design inspirations, or local neighbourhood highlights, agents have the opportunity to captivate their target audience and establish a distinctive brand identity.

    The creation of visually enticing pins featuring high-quality images and detailed descriptions can enhance engagement and drive traffic to the agent’s website or property listings. Furthermore, incorporating relevant keywords and hashtags within pin descriptions can amplify visibility and facilitate the discovery of pertinent content by potential buyers.

    Additionally, active engagement with followers, collaboration with fellow industry professionals, and participation in group boards can significantly broaden the reach and efficacy of a real estate agent’s Pinterest marketing strategy.

    YouTube Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

    YouTube serves as a valuable platform for real estate agents to host video tours, disseminate market updates, and interact with their audience through comments and live streams. By leveraging YouTube for real estate marketing purposes, agents can present their properties in a visually captivating and interactive manner, enabling prospective buyers to virtually tour homes from the convenience of their personal devices.

    Market updates can be efficiently communicated through informative videos, positioning agents as authoritative figures within the industry. Engaging with viewers via comments and live streams cultivates a sense of community and reliability, augmenting the agent’s credibility and fostering enduring relationships with clients.

    Tips for Maximising Your Social Media Presence as a Realtor

    To optimise their social media presence, real estate agents should prioritise the aspects of consistent posting, active engagement with their audience, and the effective utilisation of interactive features across various platforms.

    Best Practices for Posting on Social Media

    Adherence to best practices for social media posting involves the creation of high-quality content, comprehension of the audience’s preferences, and the timing of posts for optimal reach.

    The importance of high-quality content cannot be overstated, as it serves to establish credibility and cultivate trust among one’s audience. Understanding the preferences of one’s audience is crucial for customising content to align with their interests and requirements, thereby boosting engagement levels and fostering a sense of connection.

    The timing of posts is a significant factor in maximising visibility among the audience during peak activity periods on social media platforms, thereby ensuring that content is both viewed and well-received. By integrating these components into one’s social media strategy, there exists the opportunity to elevate online presence and cultivate meaningful interactions with followers.

    Optimising Social Media for Lead Generation

    To enhance lead generation through social media, it is recommended that real estate agents employ specialised tools and strategies aimed at capturing and cultivating potential leads.

    An efficient tool that can facilitate lead generation on social media is the utilisation of targeted advertisements. By crafting ads that are tailored to the specific demographics of the audience, the chances of attracting high-quality leads are heightened.

    Additionally, compelling content such as videos, blog posts, and interactive polls can assist in piquing the interest of potential clients. Furthermore, implementing email marketing campaigns constitutes another effective strategy for nurturing leads acquired from social media platforms, as it furnishes them with pertinent information and updates that serve to maintain their engagement with the brand.

    Must-Have Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing in 2024

    To enhance social media marketing in 2024, it is imperative to utilise essential tools that enhance efficacy and optimise strategies for estate agents.


    Hootsuite serves as a comprehensive tool designed for the scheduling of social media posts, performance analysis, and management of multiple accounts through a unified dashboard. The scheduling function within Hootsuite give the power tos users to efficiently plan and automate posts across various social media platforms, resulting in time-saving benefits and ensuring a consistent online presence.

    Moreover, its analytics feature offers in-depth insights into audience engagement, reach, and the performance metrics of individual posts, facilitating users in making informed, data-driven decisions to enhance their social media strategies. Through its management capabilities, Hootsuite provides users with the ability to effectively monitor and respond to messages, mentions, and comments, all integrated into a singular, user-friendly interface.

    This integrated solution optimises social media management processes for both businesses and individuals, offering a comprehensive and efficient approach to handling various aspects of social media presence.


    Buffer assists real estate agents in scheduling content, monitoring engagement, and optimising their social media workflow. By leveraging Buffer’s scheduling feature, real estate agents can strategically plan their social media posts ahead of time, ensuring a consistent and impactful online presence.

    Additionally, this tool give the power tos agents to track engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares, offering valuable insights into audience preferences. Buffer’s analytics feature provides in-depth data that can be used to refine social media strategies and enhance overall performance.

    With these robust capabilities, real estate agents can effectively oversee their digital footprint, facilitating meaningful interactions with their audience and fostering a strong online presence.

    Sprout Social

    Sprout Social provides advanced analytics and reporting features designed to assist real estate agents in understanding engagement metrics and enhancing their social media strategies. These sophisticated tools allow users to conduct in-depth analyses of their social media performance by identifying optimal posting times, examining audience demographics, and monitoring competitors’ activities.

    Through Sprout Social’s engagement tracking capabilities, real estate professionals can evaluate the effectiveness of their content, identify high-performing posts, and promptly address comments and messages. The platform equips agents to make informed decisions based on data, refine their social media strategies, and ultimately cultivate a more robust online presence.


    Sendible is a robust social media management tool that provides scheduling, automation, and extensive management capabilities tailored for real estate agents. The scheduling functionality within Sendible allows real estate agents to meticulously plan their social media posts in advance, thereby guaranteeing a uniform and persistent online presence.

    Automation tools give the power to agents to efficiently streamline their marketing endeavours by automatically disseminating content at strategic times to effectively engage with their intended audience. Moreover, the comprehensive management features offered by Sendible enable agents to analyse performance metrics, interact with followers, and monitor social media activities.

    These features furnish valuable insights to aid in the enhancement of marketing strategies within the fiercely competitive real estate sector.


    SocialBee assists real estate agents in managing their social media presence by offering services such as scheduling, content curation, and engagement tracking. This comprehensive platform allows users to plan and schedule posts ahead of time, ensuring a consistent flow of relevant content across their social media accounts.

    Through SocialBee’s content curation feature, users can easily discover and share compelling articles, images, and videos with their audience, streamlining the process of finding captivating material. Moreover, the engagement tracking functionality of SocialBee provides users with valuable analytics to assess the performance of their posts, enabling agents to gain insights into their audience’s preferences and optimise their content for enhanced engagement rates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the 6 best social media platforms for real estate agents to get leads in 2024?

    The 6 best social media platforms for real estate agents to get leads in 2024 are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

    Why are these 6 social media platforms the best for real estate lead generation in 2024?

    These 6 social media platforms have the largest user bases and offer a variety of features and tools that can help real estate agents effectively target potential leads.

    How can Facebook be used to get leads for real estate in 2024?

    Real estate agents can use Facebook to create targeted ads, share property listings, and engage with potential leads through groups and messaging.

    What strategies can real estate agents use on Instagram to generate leads in 2024?

    Real estate agents can use Instagram to showcase visually appealing property listings, engage with users through hashtags and geotags, and collaborate with influencers to reach a larger audience.

    How is Twitter useful for real estate lead generation in 2024?

    Twitter can be used by real estate agents to share market updates and industry insights, engage with potential leads through hashtags and direct messaging, and build a strong online presence.

    Can LinkedIn be a valuable platform for real estate agents to get leads in 2024?

    Yes, LinkedIn can be a valuable platform for real estate agents to generate leads through networking, sharing industry-specific content, and utilising its advanced targeting options for ads.

    Why should real estate agents consider using YouTube and TikTok for lead generation in 2024?

    YouTube and TikTok offer unique opportunities for real estate agents to showcase property listings, provide virtual tours, and reach a younger demographic of potential leads through engaging video content.

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