Top 5 ChatGPT Prompts for Estate Agents

At Property Webmasters, we have been increasingly aware of the hype around ChatGPT and automation in general. Using ChatGPT can allow your estate agency to save time and money allowing you to spend time focusing on what is most important.

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By Ben Spowart
Top 5 ChatGPT Prompts for Estate Agents

Estate agents have multiple facets of the business to look after including sales, estate agent marketing ideas, transactions, expenses and more.

Automating tasks and improving the way your business runs is something that Property Webmasters are already promoting to our clients. Tools like Zapier can be used to automate follow-up on every enquiry, with a range of automated follow-ups created depending on the user journey your business can only get a member of staff involved with a lead when they hit certain criteria.

Throughout this guide, we will first discuss what automation is and how it can be used to improve the efficiency of your estate agency. It could even help you with setting up estate agents. Before following on with our top 5 prompts for estate agents via ChatGPT.

So, what is automation?

Automation refers to the use of technology to perform tasks and processes automatically, without human intervention. Estate agents can benefit from automation in several ways, including:

  • Streamlining administrative tasks: Estate agents can automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, lead management, and appointment scheduling.
  • Improving communication: Automated email and text message systems can be used to quickly and efficiently communicate with clients and keep them updated on the status of their property transactions.
  • Enhancing customer experience: Automated systems can provide clients with instant answers to their questions and allow them to access information about properties 24/7.
  • Increasing efficiency: Automation can help estate agents save time and increase productivity by allowing them to focus on high-value tasks, such as building relationships with clients and negotiating deals.

Overall, automation can help estate agents work more efficiently, provide better customer service, and ultimately increase their productivity and profitability.

What is ChatGPT and What are its Capabilities?

Whether you need text generation, question answering, text completion, translation or some form of analysis, ChatGPT can provide you with a quick and efficient way of completing your task. ChatGPT is trained on vast amounts of text data and its responses are generated based on patterns it has learned, but it is not always accurate or complete and its outputs should be independently verified.

Let’s ask the tool itself how it can help Estate Agents like you…

Estate agents can take advantage of ChatGPT in several ways to improve their business operations and drive growth:

Customer service: Estate agents can use ChatGPT to provide 24/7 customer support and respond to queries and concerns in real-time, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Lead generation: Estate agents can use ChatGPT to engage with potential clients, gather information, and qualify leads, helping to streamline the sales process and increase conversions.

Content creation: Estate agents can use ChatGPT to generate articles, blog posts, and other marketing content, helping to increase visibility and establish their brand as a thought leader in the industry. It can be a great tool for marketing estate agents. Dall-E could even help with effective website design eventually!

Market analysis: Estate agents can use ChatGPT to gather and analyze data on market trends, property prices, and consumer behaviour, helping to inform their sales and estate agent marketing strategies.

Chatbots: Estate agents can use ChatGPT to build chatbots that can assist with tasks such as property searches, scheduling viewings, and providing property information.

Virtual assistants: Estate agents can use ChatGPT to build virtual assistants that can automate routine tasks such as data entry, appointment scheduling, and email management, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Website amendments: You can even build a website from ChatGPT if you know what you’re doing. You could even speed up the process with an estate agent website template and then use ChatGPT for custom CSS or code to help improve or upgrade that site.

So, which prompts will be most useful for estate agents?

1. Estate Agent Company Bio

Prompt: “Write me a professional sound company bio for our estate agency. We specialise in selling houses quickly and easily on a no-sale no fee basis, last year we sold over 400 properties within the UK and we are based in London.”


2. Estate Agent Facebook Ad Copy

Prompt: “Write me 2 long-form and short-form Facebook ads for a new development located in the La Cala de Mijas area of Malaga featuring great amenities including a clubhouse, golf front living, a swimming pool and spectacular views”


3. Estate Agent Google Ad Headlines 

Prompt: “Write 10 under 50 character headlines for Google ads regarding a new property that is due for completion in 2025 located in the area of Lisbon Portugal. This property offers a golden visa option for all potential buyers and features a superb range of amenities.”


4. Estate Agent Tweets

Prompt: “Write me three professional but inspirational tweets about the local real estate market within Manchester, UK.”


5. Prepare for Buyers Questions 

Prompt: “I’m the real estate agent selling this home. What questions might potential buyers ask for a property that is located in the business bay area of Dubai, featuring 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and great amenities including a swimming pool, clubhouse and 24/7 security”


In conclusion, ChatGPT represents a significant advancement in the field of natural language processing and its potential applications are virtually limitless? Whether it’s in customer service, language translation, or creative writing, ChatGPT has the capability to revolutionize the way estate agents interact with technology.

In fact, we have fully padded out one of our most recent AgentPlus builds with content from ChatGPT just to find out if it was capable of answering all queries without help.

At Property Webmasters, we are committed to using the latest technology to help us provide services to clients that can be seen as revolutionary. And when something so useful comes around, we always aim to inform clients about the potential it has.

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