The Power of Video Content For Estate Agents

Here at Property Webmasters, we understand that video content is what works for Estate Agents in 2023. Over the past few years, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have stressed that they will be pushing video content, as they know it gains the most attraction and engagement.

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By Ben Spowart
The Power of Video Content For Estate Agents

One of the main reasons video content is successful is due to it combining movement, sound and text which results in catching the user’s attention and makes them want to continue watching. Throughout this guide, we will discuss in detail how you can effectively use video content, how it will benefit your Estate Agency and which social media platforms you should focus your efforts on.

Why is Video Content Important for Estate Agents?

Video content is important for estate agents because it offers a number of benefits, including:

  1. Increased engagement: Videos are more engaging than text and images alone, helping estate agents to capture the attention of potential clients and keep them interested in their services.
  2. Improved storytelling: Videos allow estate agents to tell the story of a property in a way that text and images alone cannot. Estate agents can showcase the property’s features and benefits in a compelling and engaging way.
  3. Better showcase of properties: Videos allow estate agents to show the properties they are offering in a more dynamic and interactive way, making it easier for potential clients to get a feel for the property and its features.
  4. Increased reach: Videos can be shared across a variety of platforms, increasing the reach of an estate agent’s marketing efforts and helping to attract more potential clients

Did you know?

81% of businesses are now using videos for marketing. (Hubspot)

Which Social Media Platforms Does Video Content Work Well On?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • YouTube & YouTube Shorts

Types of Video Content Your Estate Agency Can Produce

There’s a wide variety of different videos your Estate Agency can create. Given the research, Property Webmasters have conducted and from our experience, short videos perform better than longer videos. This boils down to the user’s average attention span, for example, research shows that on average a user will watch 4.57 seconds of a video on their newsfeed. This means the content you are producing needs to be snappy and fast-paced.

Property Tours – One type of content your Estate Agency can consistently produce is property tours, especially if it’s a luxurious property. A fast-paced walkthrough tour will work well across all your social media platforms. More than often, if your property has stand-out features, this will capture the attention of a user who is scrolling down their newsfeed or flicking through their stories. One thing to remember is the longer someone watches your video, the more people it will reach.

See an example of a great, short form video tour from our friend Kian, at Hi Homes Marbella – HERE

90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision. (Social Media Today)

TikTok & Instagram Reels – These platforms are taking the social media world by storm. People can’t get enough of short-form content. Usually, these types of videos will last 15-30 seconds and are straight to the point. The mixture of high-energy shots and background music will catch the user’s attention. Your Estate Agency can benefit massively by posting on TikTok and producing Instagram Reels, not only will it help gain leads but will increase your business’s brand awareness too. You can have fun with the content published on these platforms, often businesses will post some light-hearted content along with property tours. As well as increasing your brand awareness, it will showcase your Estate Agency’s personality and might entice a potential customer to message you.

Podcasts – Since 2019, podcasts have become a popular type of video content. Although it’s a piece of long-form content, it can be very useful and help get your Estate Agency out there. It allows you to invite guests onto the channel who work within the property industry and they will provide tips along with interesting information. Another positive to podcast content is your Estate Agency can upload the full video to YouTube but it allows you to clip up the content and produce short-form videos from it. These can then be uploaded to your social media platforms, you can tag the guest and add your website link to your post too.

At Property Webmasters, we love everything about podcasts and can see the benefits. We currently run our very own podcast alongside Propuno, where we invite guests onto the channel to talk all things property and digital marketing. You can check it out HERE!

Facebook and Instagram Lives – Another popular type of video content is Facebook and Instagram lives. If your Estate Agency was to go live on one of these platforms, it allows you to interact with your followers within the comment section. Your followers will receive a notification when you go live too, which will prompt them to join the live stream. Ways your Estate Agency can utilise this feature would be to go live when you are doing a property tour. This would allow your followers and potential buyers the opportunity to ask questions about the property and you would be able to give them an instant response. Like TikTok and Instagram Reels, going live on social media will allow you to showcase your personality and build rapport with your followers.

Informative Content – Producing informative videos and showcasing them across your social media platforms will help increase your engagement and reach. There’s a mixture of different topics you can focus on when it comes to this type of content. This can range from:

·         A piece of content dedicated to a specific location. You can inform your followers why it’s a good reason to buy a property within this location. The video can contain snippets of famous landmarks, shops and amenities and beaches. It’s the perfect way to physically showcase the unique selling points.

·         An introduction to your Estate Agency. A short video demonstrating why someone should choose to sell their property or buy a property with you, rather than with a competitor. Topics could include how long the business has been running, any awards your Estate Agency has won, how many properties you have sold and so on.  

How To Guides – Put yourself in the shoes of a first-time buyer, they might not fully understand the process of buying a property, what they need to look for and what is a good deal. This is where a ‘How To’ guide comes into play, you can produce a video that runs through some hints and tips that can help the customer, as well as linking it back to your Estate Agency and why choosing you would benefit and help them.  

Take a look at the following example of a quick ‘How-To’ video from Perry Power – Here

97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products. (Hubspot)

Stay Ahead of Your Competitor

We understand that you want your Estate Agency to stand out from the rest. Which is why you need to focus on video content. More than likely, your competitors will be posting videos across their social media platforms, so it’s time for you to incorporate this into your strategy and ensure the content produced is of high quality.

In your videos, shout about the benefits of your Estate Agency, why someone should choose you over a competitor and why your product is better than the rest. This is the perfect way to demonstrate your personality and the outstanding customer service your Estate Agency provides.

Why Choose Property Webmasters?

With more than 30 years of experience within the property marketing sector, here at Property Webmasters, we have a team that will help your estate agency grow! If you would like to learn more about video content and organic social media, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help! 

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