How we transformed an Estate Agency in 3 months

Every agency will have strong points and weak points, some more critical than others. For some agents, it is clear to see that they are not getting enough traffic or their website is not fast enough, for others, they require knowledge and support from us to fulfil their potential and achieve the goals they set out in the first place.

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By James Sheldon
How we transformed an Estate Agency in 3 months

When an agency approaches us here at Property Webmasters for advice or guidance our number one priority is to provide a solution that aims to solve a problem.

Within this article we will discuss how Property Webmasters helped transform a Spanish based agency, helping them prosper in an extremely competitive market, without a huge budget or lengthy, complicated changes.

The key issues our Costa del Sol Agent was facing included a lack of website traffic and an underperforming, mid-tier website that struggled to convert users. These are two extremely common problems that a lot of agencies face.

There are various ways we could have approached this, firstly, promoting a push on a new website. One of our Agent Plus or bespoke websites would solve the agencies website conversion-related issues, but it doesn’t solve the lack of traffic that the business was struggling with. With the focus on relatively quick results, we decided to recommend bypassing the website redevelopment and design. Pushing for our Agent to take up a small 3-month marketing campaign and a few of our stand-alone landing pages that we provide for clients with specific projects.

This would allow us to drive relevant traffic to a well-designed, easy to use a landing page. Instantly solving both our Agents’ initial concerns, a lack of traffic and an under-performing website.

How did we go about getting started?

After agreeing on this route, Property Webmasters pressed ahead with setting up three landing pages and a Google Ads accounts. Our Spanish based agency supplied three new developments that were previously only listed on their website. We were able to set up one development per landing page, ready to send traffic from Google Ads directly onto the new landing pages.

Below is an example of a landing page that we used for a successful month-long campaign for a large real estate company based in the US.

View page here –

Google Ads for Estate Agents

The reason why Google Ads is so effective for us is that we can target users who search an exact phrase, only picking up the users that we believe have intent in purchasing a property within the Costa del Sol! After completing some thorough research we had the campaigns and landing pages live, with a very quick turnaround.

With expectations set, our landing pages automated lead system allows for our agents to work as normal, seeing new leads appear in their inbox as soon as a user enquires. It is then up to the agent to decide how they would prefer to handle the lead in question.

Expectations and budgeting

As alluded to above, we made it clear to the client what our expectations were before we set anything up. At Property Webmasters, we pride ourselves on being able to build long-term relationships with our clients, we receive a lot of referral enquiries thanks to our network of great clients.

To outline our expectations, we agreed that within the first month of our campaigns being published (learning phase and all) we should aim for around 10-15 leads overall with an average cost per lead of around the £20 mark due to the competitiveness of the Costa del Sol. Our Spanish based Agent agreed that this would be a manageable amount for them to process, especially if they were very receptive and high-intent leads.

The client’s budget of £600 per month was split across the 3 campaigns to leave us with £200 per campaign and within the first month (January 2021) we managed to drive 25 conversions from January the 12th (go-live day) to January 31st.

We targeted keywords that feature buyer intent, making sure that all the traffic entering the landing pages was relevant!

Leads, Sales and Return on Investment

After the second month of our campaigns being published, our Spanish Agent informed us of sales that occurred from TWO of the leads we had previously generated through our campaigns and landing pages. Both of the sales in question were for new-build, luxury apartments in the Costa del Sol, with prices of the properties sitting around the £250,000 mark.

Our Agent earned around €70,000 worth of commissions from an Ad Spend of around £1200. This left our client with a 5733% ROI after 2 months, and we were not done there.

With more leads being generated from our campaigns and the agency able to receive referrals from friends and family of those who have enquired, the sales continued and after 6 months of running campaigns with Property Webmasters, the Agent was able to sell 6 more luxury properties within the Costa del Sol, bringing in over €175,000 worth of commission!

Keep in mind that this has all been achieved with a small budget, we are extremely pleased with how the campaigns have gone. It is fair to say that our Spanish agency also agrees. After an initial chat and campaign kick-off call with some of our team members and constant communication and catch up calls throughout the process, we have promoted a wide range of developments in locations around the Costa del Sol including Marbella, Fuengirola, La Cala and more.

It is also worth noting that without the Spanish-based Agent nurturing and converting the leads we have generated, none of this would have occurred. With a new Sales Agent joining their organisation, we will look to continue the campaigns and help the business grow throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond!

Later on, the client signed up for a new website, purchasing the site with funds generated from the sales made via our marketing services! We also have visited the client in Marbella multiple times and it is great to see the growth within their Agency.

See what one of our websites could look like with your colours and branding via our FREE website mock-up.

If this sounds like something your agency could benefit from, why not get in touch with one of our growth consultants to see if it could be a route we would recommend?

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