Estate Agent Valuations: How can agents attract more valuations?

Having as many tools in your estate agent marketing toolbox is key to generating more leads. For example, promote recent property sales to your client database to generate traffic to your website. Having digital and traditional content marketing and doing them well will generate more leads. Also being on top of new trends and technology help your agency gain authority in the property industry.

Before we delve into some of the things that you can be doing to grow your Property Valuation Service please remember that Sellers are more often than not buyers, and buyers are more often than not Sellers. So the strategies used to attract buyers can also be used to attract sellers and vice versa. Let’s get started with our guide to lead generation.

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By Jamie Arthur
Estate Agent Valuations: How can agents attract more valuations?

Tip 1: Promote your sales

Nothing says more about your ability to sell a property than the actual advertising of a property, if you show that you market properties effectively then this WILL bring more sellers and valuation requests to your estate agency. If you have sold properties all over your local area then its more likely sellers will get in touch. So, get creative with the marketing of the properties that you already have for sale!

Tip 2: Existing Databases

Have you explored the contacts within your database, no matter how long ago you worked with them you should try to engage with them to see if they have any plans to move in the future. This is the quickest way of lead generation as they are hopefully high-quality leads already in your network! It could be that their circumstances have changed, relationships failing as an example. Pick 10 past clients per day to call and catch up with. Ensure that all data you have is fully GDPR compliant, but all data you have should be compliant anyway 

Tip 3: Video Marketing

Video marketing is going crazy right now, and it has been proven to be the most engaging way to increase your audience. Be personable and approachable, if clients have seen you online then they will already feel like they know and one of the best ways to trust you. Utilise this to attract more sellers, the main thing here is building trust with your audiences. Be human!

Tip 4: Facebook Ads

Paid Facebook campaigns allow you to create and target market to a specific audience to ensure you are reaching your ideal clients. Creating campaigns focussing on those who are looking to sell their property will bring you more valuations than you can handle! Read more information about Estate Agent Facebook Marketing here >

Tip 5: Leaflet drop

The good old leaflet drop… Who would have thought that it still works?! Well it does! When did you last do a leaflet drop? This is one of the most cost effective ways of getting your brand in front of a very targeted audience. This can be tied in heavily with Tip 6 below, by telling people you have buyers for their property. You may wish for your leaflet drop messaging to be very subtle and personal simply showcasing client testimonials and perhaps the successes you have had offering estate agency services in their specific location.

Tip 6: Buyer Campaigns

The messaging in your marketing campaigns can be delivered by telling people that you have active buyers looking for properties in their area. Don’t make any false promises to sellers, but do target them specifically in areas that you know you have buyers for. Create a marketing strategy which includes a leaflet drop campaign, digital marketing campaign or any other campaign. Use this messaging clearly in your marketing literature.

Tip 7: Offer Virtual Valuations

Virtual valuations are the future of estate agency business and should be part of your future marketing and service plans, sellers want to advertise with estate agents that are technologically savvy. We have even heard stories of sellers moving to another agent due to the fact that their existing agents did not offer such digital services.

Tip 8: Explain the valuation process

How easy is your valuation process, what comes with the valuation itself? Explaining this to people, especially if it’s a straightforward solution for them, can bring in many valuation requests. Naturally, you want to attract clients that are serious sellers, but even if they aren’t they can then form part of your long term nurturing campaigns

Tip 9: Past Clients

This can closely link to Tip 2. Speaking with property owners who you think might be interested in a new property on the market, which means they could also become a seller. All agents will have past clients that they were unable to get that move for, revisit such clients and tell them of properties that may now peak their interest. It is also good practice to speak with various client groups, you may have had a young couple move into their first home with you 3 or 4 years ago. Reach out to them to see if their circumstances have changed, they may have had or be expecting children and could be looking to upsize. Many agents who do this believe it goes a long way to getting estate agent leads to stay loyal.

Tip 10: Digital Valuations

To coincide with your virtual valuations, you can also present your valuations back to clients digitally by using our Digital Valuation solution which displays a web page version of the valuation that has been conducted. Technological services like this will improve customer experience, keep clients coming back, and also spread word of mouth. Ultimately bringing back MORE property valuations. 

Tip 11: Competitor Research

Research your competitors to increase your leads – What do they offer? What do they do? What is their process? How does it compare to yours? All of these things matter, you may feel like you offer a great valuation and selling service, but, do you really? improve your estate agency marketing strategy by understanding how they’re getting seller leads.

Tip 12: Competitor Properties

The dark arts of estate agency, however, if you know a property has been on the market for a long time with an agent then there has got to be a reason for it. Approach the client and let them know that you can evaluate their position, without making any false promises and is a great way to get an inside track on your competitors within the property industry (see Tip 11). This is guaranteed to result in a property valuation and possible listing. This is particularly effective if you know you have buyers for their property. There are various automated ways of running campaigns like this, ask your tech/marketing provider or our team for their thoughts.

Tip 13: Personal Contacts

Exploring opportunities within your family and friendship circles is commonplace for a successful estate agent, who do they know that can recommend your services. Everyone knows someone who is thinking of buying, selling or renting, there are so many quick wins using this referral tactic. You can also promote your services and market your services within your social network, are you part of any sports or social groups that can be exploited to attract more property valuations? There will be!

Tip 14: Be Tech Savvy

In line with some of the options above, the more digital marketing solutions you offer to sellers or landlords the better. Not only will it attract more valuations if you offer video, drone, virtual tours, live viewings, Facebook live events and more, but it also provides a fantastic upsell opportunity to new and existing clients. Adding new services is one of the best ways to get again of another estate agency’s marketing efforts and increase the number of leads you get.

Tip 15: Target the Right Areas

Targeting the right areas for attracting sellers and landlords can bring great results. As an example, new build houses that have been up 3 or so years and are medium-sized (2-3 bed) stand a great chance of having owners that would be looking to upsize. Similarly, such new build developments may also attract a great rental market opportunity as people upsize but keep the new build as a rental investment.

To wrap it up…

There are so many creative ways of attracting more valuations, sometimes it’s as simple as getting in front of your desired audience. As with most things in business, the quickest wins can be achieved by looking at your existing database of past/present clients and thinking of ways to engage with them effectively.

If you are struggling to attract more valuations and getting noticed, we will happily chat over things with you as part of a free marketing consultation with one of our property marketing experts to get as many leads as possible. If this sounds of interest, just let us know by dropping a quick email to

Good luck with attracting all of those fresh valuation prospects!

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