How Can Estate Agents Attract Leads In 2023?

Here at Property Webmasters, we understand that Estate Agents want to generate as many quality leads as possible. This can be done through several different avenues. Within this guide, we will discuss how Estate Agents can make a real impact in 2023, how you can stay ahead of your competitors, and what is currently working well in the property industry.

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By Ben Spowart
How Can Estate Agents Attract Leads In 2023?

Property Webmasters understand that it can be difficult to generate quality leads in 2023, your business’s tried and tested methods may not be working as effectively as they used to and you might be searching for new ideas that will make you stand out from your competitors. Don’t worry, there are plenty of different ways your Estate Agency can generate these leads, ranging from social media marketing to word-of-mouth referrals.

Does your Estate Agency want to increase its leads in 2023? Are you looking for some inspiration that will positively benefit your Estate Agency? If so, this will be the perfect guide for you. 

We will also, be rating each tactic out of 10, based upon both effectiveness and ease of implementation!

Where does Estate Agent leads come from?


Networking is a simple but effective way of generating leads. There are several different ways an Estate Agency can network in 2023. The first one that springs to mind when talking about networking is Real Estate conferences. More than likely, anyone who is attending these conferences is interested in the property industry and will be more than happy to talk. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your personality and promote your Estate Agency to people who may be unfamiliar with you or your business. You can create conversation by asking about their background, where they work, and the experiences they have had in the property industry. Not only will this potentially lead to an enquiry but it might even increase your industry knowledge.

Another type of networking can be done through LinkedIn. This social media platform is ideal for connecting with people within your industry. You can simply search a keyword in the search bar and it will bring up relevant profiles or that match your search. It’s an ideal way to create conversation and build rapport, who knows, in the future, you might be attending the same events are your LinkedIn connections. Not only will it help get your name out there but will also promote your Estate Agency.

Effectiveness – 10/10, Sign up and attend local property events as well as building relationships with competitors where possible.

Ease of Implementation – 7/10, Depending on where you operate and are located, you may struggle to consistently find events.

Social Media

Briefly mentioned above, social media can be a massive tool when it comes to generating Estate Agency leads. Both through Organic and Paid Social. Let’s start by looking at organic social and how your Estate Agency can benefit from consistently posting across your social platforms. Organic Social allows you to increase your brand awareness, resulting in users becoming familiar with your Estate Agency and potentially interacting with your posts. One of the biggest plus points about organic social is its free leads, it doesn’t require any funding or payment, these are simply generated through your hard work and creative ideas.

Here are some essential hints and tips for Organic Social:

·         Post across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

·         Publish your content at peak times (7/8am, 12/1pm & 5pm onwards)

·         Use a mixture of images and videos.

·         Interact with your audience!

By implementing these tips and focusing your efforts on Organic Social, your Estate Agency will reap the rewards by seeing an increase in reach, engagement and leads. If this is something that your Estate Agency is struggling to do, due to time and resources, then Property Webmasters can help with this! We currently have an Organic Social service that will generate results.

Paid Social is an effective piece of Marketing that guarantees leads. Both Google and Facebook Ads allow the user to create campaigns that will target specific locations, demographics, and ages. Paid advertising is an easier option, as your ads will run themselves and require very little daily attention however it requires a budget. It’s important that before you create and run the campaign, you do enough research on your target audience and ensure that the ad is reaching is appearing in the right newsfeed. You don’t want to be wasting money on ads that aren’t seeing results due to it targeting the wrong people. Here are some of the benefits of Paid Social:

·         Target a wider audience.

·         It will increase your brand awareness.

·         High conversion rates

·         Cost-effective marketing

The world of Paid Advertisement can be extremely confusing which is why Property Webmasters are here to help. We work closely with Estate Agents around the world and run successful Paid campaigns for them. If you would like to speak to Property Webmasters about this type of Marketing service, you can HERE.

Effectiveness – 9/10, Ideal for lead generation and brand awareness but sometimes lacking in targeting options.

Ease of Implementation – 6/10, It may require an expert to set up the ads if you are not technologically savvy.

Contact Older Leads

One way to generate new business in 2023 is by contacting older leads. This can be done via phone calls or email marketing. Someone might have enquired in the past who wasn’t ready to sell or buy a property however they might have changed their mind now. So, it’s the perfect time to reintroduce yourself and your Estate Agency. Email Marketing is a piece of marketing that is sometimes overlooked however it is one of the most beneficial to Estate Agents when done right. Here are some of the benefits:

·         Email Marketing is cost-effective.

·         Allows you to build stronger relationships with existing customers.

·         There is a high ROI (Return on Investment)

·         Ultimately can generate new leads and future sales.

As mentioned above, reaching out to older leads can be a successful method of generating leads. Creating a good first impression is so important; this leaves a lasting memory in a customer’s mind. If you consistently provide exceptional customer service to every customer, then they won’t have any problems with you reaching out to them again in the future with emails and phone calls.

Effectiveness – 8/10, contacting older leads is a perfect way to generate leads in 2022. All it takes is a simple phone call to reignite the conversion. 

Ease of Implementation – 9/10, you can chase your previous leads via phone or email, it requires little research as you will already have their information.

Video Content

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, ‘’The Power of Video Content for Estate Agents’’, video content is favoured by social media platforms. Here at Property Webmasters, we truly believe Estate Agencies should be focusing their efforts on video content in 2023. Whether you would like to promote some of your new properties or create a brand video dedicated to the business, we say, go for it!

The beauty of video content is it captures the user’s attention while they are scrolling through their newsfeeds which potentially might result in them interacting with your post or even sending you a message. Just keep in mind, the first 4 seconds are the most important as it’s when the user is fully focused, so it’s vital your videos are eye-catching as you want them to watch your video for as long as possible. 

Effectiveness – 8/10, video content is being heavily pushed by Social Media platforms as it consistently performs well and captures the user’s attention.  

Ease of Implementation – 6/10, this can take time and effort, as well as being expensive if your Estate Agency doesn’t have equipment. 

Automate Where Possible

Automated responses and OpenAI are changing the game in 2023. They were created to speed up the process and provide helpful information. As an Estate Agency, you should make you have an efficient follow-up process with clients. OpenAI’s such as ChatGPT can provide you with content and prompts. 

We know that your Estate Agency will be working hard to generate leads, so you must follow up with them. Systems such as Zapier will allow you to connect your apps into automated workflows. It will allow you to move information between apps or platforms as well as check for alerts in multiple places. A huge positive of using an application like Zapier is it allows you to keep track of your leads. 

You can learn more about ChatGPT by reading our blog HERE!

Effectiveness – 8/10, all it takes is a couple of seconds to gather content from an OpenAI such as ChatGPT. One problem is that the servers are often busy. 

Ease of Implementation – 7/10, although ChatGPT is free, some other pieces of automation software may require a monthly subscription.

Property Portals

Property Portals host properties advertised by Estate Agents, both for sale and rent. Potential customers will use the portal to search for their next home, by imputing the area they live in and the price range in mind. Property portals can generate leads for estate agents in several ways:

  • Property listings: Property portals allow estate agents to list their properties for sale or rent on their platform. Potential buyers or renters can search for properties based on their preferences and contact the estate agent directly for further details. This provides estate agents with a steady stream of leads who are actively looking for properties in the market.
  • Featured listings: Many property portals offer estate agents the option to feature their listings prominently on their platform. Featured listings appear at the top of search results and receive more visibility, which can increase the chances of generating leads.
  • Targeted advertising: Property portals can use targeted advertising to promote estate agents’ services to potential clients. For example, they can display ads to users who have searched for properties in a specific location or within a certain price range.
  • Lead generation tools: Some property portals provide estate agents with lead generation tools, such as lead capture forms and chatbots, to help them collect contact information from potential clients who are interested in their properties.

Overall, property portals provide estate agents with a powerful platform to reach a large audience of potential clients, increase their visibility in the market, and generate new leads for their business.

Effectiveness – 8/10, it’s the perfect way to advertise multiple properties on one site, as well as using target advertisement and lead generation tools. It allows agents to take advantage of the large presence a brand like Rightmove can provide.

Ease of Implementation – 6/10, properties portals are a useful tool however will require monthly costs and you may have limitations when it comes to the properties you are advertising.

Testimonials and Referrals 

Testimonials can be an important way to generate business in 2023. This type of content is useful when someone is unfamiliar with your Estate Agency, not only will it give them reassurance but it will allow them to get an understanding of the customer service provided. More than often, these can be uploaded to your website and posted across your social media platforms to help increase brand awareness. It not only benefits your Estate Agency but will show appreciation to the customer too, as their review/testimonial has been acknowledged and appreciated. Testimonials are free marketing essentially, which means they should be utilised by every Estate Agent.

Creating rapport with fellow Estate Agents in your area will help generate referrals. There are plenty of reasons why referral marketing is effective for businesses, one of these is that the referrer is providing a vote of confidence by making the recommendation. This will create reassurance for new clients or anyone who hasn’t heard of your Estate Agency before.

Effectiveness – 7/10, it’s the perfect way to gain potential new customers’ trust.

Ease of Implementation – 5/10, although this type of content can be effective, it will require time and effort to gather the testimonials and referrals.

Why choose Property Webmasters?

With more than 30 years of experience within the property marketing sector, here at Property Webmasters, we have a team that will help your estate agency grow! We have a vast range of clients across the world who are seeing year-on-year growth which as a result is generating them more leads, clients and revenue.

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