Drive Off-Plan Sales for Your Newest Development

At Property Webmasters we have seen a shift in mentality from the top agents as more are looking to get their hands on exclusive off-plan property in the hottest locations around the world. Our proven track record in achieving results and gaining positive testimonials from our current clients only builds confidence that we’re experts in off-plan sales.

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By James Sheldon
Drive Off-Plan Sales for Your Newest Development

Off-plan property, some of the most luxurious and high-returning yields for agents around the world. Each off-plan development typically houses 20-100 properties in different styles. Each development relies upon its location, price and unique selling points that make it stand out from the competition, whether it be a gated community, golf resort, golden visa or residency scheme that separates this development from the rest.

Investors typically purchase off-plan property in up and coming areas to try and make substantial capital gains. When reports are released surrounding a new area of a hotspot like Lisbon gaining over 300 million euros worth of investment, a property within that area has the potential to see a huge increase in price tag. An investor can capitalise on this by getting their foot in the door early, before any substantial rise in price.

Within this article, we will discuss the tactics and techniques that we believe are crucial to agents who are looking to attract relevant enquiries and more sales for their property.

Landing Page, Branding and Domain

One of the biggest issues agents face when marketing a new off-plan development is the ability to provide users with a great experience that builds confidence, so that enquiries can be generated easily. The three main pointers we look for when setting up a landing page for an off-plan development include the landing page design, branding and domain.

At Property Webmasters we provide a bespoke landing page solution that can be set up and launched quickly and easily. Not only is it easy to set up but we have a tried and tested design that is high converting, but we will get into that a bit later on…

The design of the landing page is crucial, it can allow you to put the correct content on the page alongside the stunning imagery for your development. To put it another way, the design is the showcase of the product, it is your chance to show the user just how good of an opportunity this development is. Furthermore, we recommend going for a less is more approach when it comes to landing page design. When you scan a page, what jumps out to you? Is it the paragraphs of text or the beautiful imagery? Your landing page should be image-focused while bullet points and brief sentences outline the most important details you would like to convey to your audience. Not to mention the importance of the design when paid campaigns or adverts are costing your agency money to get users in front of your landing page.

So, what should the ideal landing page look like? Well, without giving too much away, our PW Landing Page Solution has helped generate sales for developments across Europe and America. We have a range of designs but the example below is our classic, most popular design.

If you’re looking to get more information about our landing page solution or why landing pages are a must for marketing your new developments, see our in-depth blog here.

To add to the website’s identity, making sure the domain name is memorable and easy to read is crucial. That is why, we always set up our landing pages on a separate domain that is linked to the website, typically ‘’’. This makes sure the whole user experience is perfect. Not only does the domain name add to the user experience but the branding is crucial also. Your landing page should reflect the branding on the website at all times.


Notably, the one recurring factor that makes a development stand out from the competition is the Unique Selling Points. These points are also extremely important to a user, sometimes making or breaking an enquiry. What makes this development unique? Is it the private swimming pool? The residency by investment program? The easy access to a world level 18-hole championship golf course? You need to make sure that you place emphasis upon whatever makes the development stand out.

You can do this within the PR, Ads and landing page of your off-plan residency.

Marketing Strategy

With the USPs and landing page complete, it would be time to get targeted users in front of your new development. We would suggest focusing your efforts on setting up Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns in order to generate new traffic to the landing page, that traffic can be remarketed throughout in order to set up a marketing funnel that is comprehensive.

Did you know that it typically takes a user interacting 7 times before they feel comfortable enquiring? This stat sums up the importance of remarketing for your new developments.

Below, we will break down both Google and Facebook Ads in more detail so you can understand exactly how they can help your business market developments.

Google Ads

The main source of traffic we use for our development campaigns comes through Google Ads. Why? Well, it is the easiest to get relevant, targeted customers in front of your developments. Being able to target the exact phrase a user searches on Google to place your Ads really displays the value of the service.

Getting users in front of your development is very important, these users can then be remarketed to later down the line! You can see that the Ad is set up to reflect the landing page content. We identify the unique selling points and make them clear within the copy, we find that the Ad Copy is almost as important as the keywords, stacked up against the competitors’ Ads, what is going to make them click upon your agencies? 

Facebook Ads

With over 80% of property buyers doing extensive research before they make the commitment to buy, Dynamic Product Ads are a vital part of the marketing funnel.

Dynamic Display Ads show off the development of properties to the users who previously engaged. This is why it is important to use a mix of prospecting campaigns through Google Ads and remarketing campaigns through Facebook.

It gives you the opportunity to re-engage and pull back those ‘lost’ customers and direct the properties that your audience has previously viewed directly to their timeline. You can include CTA’s and a brief description to entice users back for another look!

The combined use of Google and Facebook advertising allows you to generate new traffic for your landing page as well as retargeting users who have been upon your website or the landing page previously. This is a marketing funnel that is comprehensive and easy to achieve, allowing you to target the users who you consider your target audience.

‘Hot Off The Press’ with Print Advertising & Newsletters

Depending on the target audience, print marketing may be an extremely cost-effective way of highlighting your latest properties. Although relatively pricey, print advertising can literally put your product in the hands of your audience. 

Adding QR codes to the print can allow you to understand exactly which prints are getting the most attention and therefore which design or publication you could continue to use going forward to see results.

If this works out to be a cost-effective strategy, like it has for many agents, then you can really take advantage of it!

Professional Service

We understand that you’re the estate agents and you will have a process in place to vet and distribute enquiries accordingly. But from our experience of working with some of the most popular and successful agents, we can put a few pointers in place to help you create the best impression possible with all leads generated.

Time is ticking – ‘I don’t want to be too keen so I will leave it an hour’ is a phrase used by too many people who work within the industry. If a lead has just entered your inbox for an off-plan resort, there is no time like the present to get in touch with them immediately via a phone call. You will instantly be able to understand their requirements and what they’re looking for! DO NOT make the mistake of waiting, you could miss your opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.

In-depth Resources – It’s all good having a brilliant landing page and campaigns that drive enquiries but if you have nothing to show users who enquire then you will struggle to get any sales over the line. Make sure the developer who is building the properties provides you with as much information, merchandise and materials as possible. One of the biggest trends we’re seeing right now is the use of virtual viewings. Developers are providing agents with rendered walk-throughs of the property on their development. This is a huge tool that can really make a difference when trying to turn a potential client into a confirmed sale!

How Can We Help?!

If all of this is sounding great but you’re unsure of the time you would have to press on and get more results for your off-plan properties, why not give Property Webmasters a call? With experience working on campaigns globally for some of the world’s leading brands, Property Webmasters have generated quality leads that have provided sales to agents in territories around the globe, generating a return on investment for our clients of up to 1950%.

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