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At Property Webmasters, our team is your team. When your mission is to be a bigger and better version of yourselves in the property industry, you need the best people driving your estate agency forward…

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Jamie Arthur


Jenny Jefferson

Lead Designer & Quality Manager

Matt Atkinson

Operations & Finance Manager

Marketing & Design

James Sheldon

Marketing Manager

Ben Spowart

Digital Marketing Executive

Rebecca Haye

Digital Designer

We are always
on the look out for talented people to
join our team.

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Antonio Greco

Business Development Manager

Lauren Meddes

Accounts Administrator

Christian Scandurra

Business Development Manager

Project Management Team

Richard Heseltine

Web Developer

Ellie Shaw

Project Coordinator

Mal Boston

Lead Developer

Earl Evan Amante

Web Developer

Kevin Kaye

Projects Lead

Jexson Maceda

Web Developer

Alex Yap

Web Developer

Ben McKie

Project Manager

Chris Ferguson

Product Manager

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