Why Landing Pages are a MUST For Estate Agents!

By Ellie Shaw
Why Landing Pages are a MUST For Estate Agents!

Have you ever sat back and truly thought about your Estate Agency? You may think your Agency is doing well because you have a well-designed website, or you post on social media regularly. However, are these factors really helping you to capture quality leads? In this blog, we will be talking about why you should, and how you can, fully utilise landing pages in order to generate leads for your Agency!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is simply a page your audience lands on, after clicking on a link, which promotes an offer, service or product. Although a landing page can easily be mistaken for the likes of a blog page or home page, they are not just any page a visitor may arrive at on your site. When it comes to marketing, a landing page is designed to achieve a specific marketing goal as part of a campaign, such as generating leads for buyers or sellers.

Often referred to as a ‘Lead Capture Page’, there is no question as to why landing pages are known as this. When targeting pages correctly, conversions can increase to 1950%! Amazing right! This great marketing strategy is a must when it comes to campaigns. 

Are landing pages more effective than websites?

Arguably, landing pages are more effective than websites as a whole. With no blogs, navigation buttons, links or other distractions, landings pages are direct and straight to the point. This allows you to easily capture your visitor’s attention. Landing pages allow you to eliminate these distractions with the idea of focusing on achieving your goal ( generating leads and driving traffic ), whereas a website is designed to provide education, orientation and introduction. 

With a website’s content generally staying the same, landing pages give you the ability to provide different segments of your audience with custom landing pages, making it a more personal experience.  Websites tend to have more content than a landing page. This is because, in order for a site to rank highly on search engines, content needs to be uploaded regularly. Even though this may seem simple, it is a lot of maintenance and sometimes having so much content and ‘noise’ results in key messages and call to actions getting lost. With both a website and landing page having their benefits, a landing page is a much more effective strategy to use, when aiming to generate leads! 

Why are they important for estate agents?

Landing pages are in fact great for estate agents. Allowing your Agency to promote things such as your services, platforms and property listings, every click tells you that your audience is interested in your offer. Being able to customise your landing pages to different segments of your audience means you can send the right message to the right people, further increasing your chances of interest.

High-converting landing pages act to ‘trap’ readers. When designed right, the purpose of a landing page is to establish one main objective and clear call to action. If the right audiences are being directed to it and they engage with the content, they will either convert or they won’t. As opposed to a normal functioning website, on landing pages, we don’t want the user to navigate anywhere else.

Above is an example of a landing page we’ve created for a specific development in Cyprus, the objective of this landing page is to generate enquiries for potential buyers, and that’s exactly what the landing page does!

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of benefits to including a landing page in a marketing campaign. However, the benefits of Estate Agents using landing pages don’t stop there:

They generate leads: As mentioned, a landing page is an amazing way of generating leads. As well as this, search-friendly landing pages help to drive traffic to your site.

Build credibility: Landing pages promote an offer, service, or product. They are also a great way of providing a problem and solution. If you mention what your audience’s pain points are, then explain exactly how you can help them, then that will help provide a sense of trust. 

They promote your services: Although landing pages are designed to generate leads and drive traffic, in order to do this you need to promote your services. How can you help your visitors? What are their benefits?

They are direct: Landing pages are straight to the point and jump straight into what you have to offer, eliminating all distractions. 

What makes an effective landing page:

USP – A clear Unique Selling Proposition allows you to stand out from your competition. Providing your audience with a one of a kind experience or promise will help to influence those on the landing page, to go ahead with your offer. 

High Quality Images – A picture is truly worth one thousand words, meaning adding images can engage your visitors that much more. However, the images need to be relevant to the offer and tell a story, not just added for the sake of it. 

Advantages – Making it clear what your visitors will get out of going ahead with your offer will help to answer any further questions. 

Testimonials: When looking to purchase a product or go ahead with a service, one of the main things we do before deciding is to look at reviews! If a testimonial is displayed on your landing page, it will provide a sense of trust to your audience. Knowing another client of yours has been happy with your services will allow them to feel comfortable when moving forward. 

CTA – Your Call To Action needs to be compelling. After all, that is the section of your landing page that makes your goal achievable. CTAs are generally a button, often with phrases such as ‘SUBMIT’, ‘CLICK HERE’ and ‘CONTACT US’. However, linking back to your USP, you need to stand out from the crowd and make your final step better than your competitors.

How we can help!

We design and tailor landing pages to estate agents worldwide, specifically for campaigns and lead generation. Our high converting landing pages generate leads while building credibility. Promoting your services, the landing pages we produce are cleverly formatted in order to make your information easily navigational, while looking stylish.
If you are interested in finding out more about the landing pages we create for clients all across the world, contact us today! Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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