Why Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are an Unmissable Opportunity for your Estate Agency

By James Sheldon
Why Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are an Unmissable Opportunity for your Estate Agency

Facebook dynamic product ads can be used to distribute ads containing different properties and their information (price, image, details) to the right audience. In the case of real estate agencies, these are a fantastic tool for advertising properties you currently have listed for sale. 

In 2014 Facebook introduced ‘Carousel Ads’, these gave users the option of adding multiple images into an advert and were the basis of the further developed Dynamic Product Ads. These were launched the following year, and have become a highly successful tool for real estate digital marketing. Dynamic product ads showcase products that the user has previously looked at on a website, straight into the timeline or the refined target audience.

But what do all these things mean and why is it important? Below we breakdown the key elements of a Facebook Dynamic Product Ad and how they are effective for your Estate Agency.  

Personalising your Pitch

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads can show people products (or properties) that are tailored to their interests, whether or not they’ve been to your site or app. Dynamic product ads allow you to target any audience, with personalised suggestions even if they have never visited your website before. 

You can also target and personalise your adverts to past customers that have been to your website through a retargeting campaign, as Facebook can pull data through Facebook Pixel or your SDK to show the audience relevant properties based on their previous property searches and website visits. 

Facebook Pixel

Facebook has also introduced ‘Facebook Pixel’ which collects data from your website to track what kind of traffic you have, and generating an ad audience based on this. This helps you to ensure that your campaigns are serving up the right adverts / properties, to the right audience, at the right time. 

The data is collected through a snippet of code which sits on the back end of your website and tracks the movement of traffic on your website. If you do not have Facebook Pixel running, your dynamic product ads will not run properly so its important to ensure this is set up correctly.

Upselling and Cross-selling

Cross-selling or upselling to past customers or to those who haven’t purchased yet.

Past customers have visited you once to view property and they’re significantly more likely to do so again. If someone has been viewing a particular property on your website, use dynamic product ads to show them the similar properties within the same location, same price range, or of a similar size. Who knows, you might show them something they missed the first time?

Why not even up sell by showing them properties that are similar to the ones they’ve viewed, but at a higher price point, highlighting the extra benefits and features they would get for the additional spend.

Importance of Remarketing 

Over 80% of property buyers do extensive research online into other properties and options before making a commitment to buy. It is important to remember that even if a customer comes onto your website to view a property, they are unlikely to make an offer or purchase first time round. 

This makes remarketing a vital part of the Real Estate and Property marketing funnel. Utilise remarketing campaigns through PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing to ensure you are visible, accessible and don’t fall off the radar with your leads and properties they have previously shown an interest in. This also works for showing leads properties similar to those they’ve viewed previously that they may not have seen or missed the first time round.

Real Time Results so you can alter the demographics

One of the biggest advantages of ad campaigns on social media and through paid search campaigns is the reporting is delivered real time. Through the use of Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Facebook Business Manager, you can measure success in real time, optimising live campaigns and ensuring better cost per lead. 

If not, you can put your adverts to paused and alter the demographics to a more suitable audience. The even bigger advantage with Facebook Dynamic Ads, is that it alters campaigns itself to suit the audience and get you the best results possible. 

In the last few years Facebook has accelerated to become the leading social network in terms of it’s marketing capabilities, also embracing Instagram Advertising within its platform. Advertising on Facebook has become relatively complicated, but extremely effective if implemented correctly and it will continue to evolve as the most innovative marketing platform it is known as today.

Interested to find out more about our Social Media packages and Facebook Dynamic Product ads?

The value Facebook Dynamic Product Ads can offer Estate Agencies is undeniable. At Property Webmasters we have experts in Social Media who can help you achieve the best results for your budget through management of your Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. Our specialists are fully certified in all aspects of marketing and can help boost your real estate visibility via a range of techniques.

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