Let Us Introduce You to Luke, Our New Digital Marketing Executive

Let Us Introduce You to Luke, Our New Digital Marketing Executive
Hello! I’m Luke and I’ve recently joined the Property Webmasters team as a Digital Marketing Executive. As I’ve just joined the team, here’s a little introduction about me and a brief insight into how I got into marketing.

A Little Bit About Me

Outside of work, my main hobbies involve going to the gym and sports! I like to play Football as much as I can (when I’m not injured) and up until recently, I had a Middlesbrough F.C. season ticket. Before I stopped, I had been going for 16 consecutive seasons, you can only imagine some of the dull games I had seen in that time!

I try to travel as often as possible and I’ve recently traveled across Thailand for two weeks, I’m also a keen skier and go almost every year!

How I Got Into Digital Marketing

Growing up I often shadowed my dad who worked as a sales agent on behalf of some huge brands like Nike, Adidas and Mitre sports. Here I was able to gain some insight into the business world and how to communicate with clients.

Through working part-time in retail through my A-level studies, my curiosity grew for the marketing and advertising side of business. This alongside the experience working with my Dad, led me to decide to study Marketing at Teesside University in 2015. After a hard but rewarding three years at University, my knowledge and confidence grew tremendously and I went on to achieve first-class honors. I started my first role in marketing as I was finishing my degree and started full time once I had finished.

My first role was as an email marketing executive at a highly successful e-commerce marketing agency. Here I worked with a wide range of clients from different sectors to implement email marketing campaigns and produce reports and strategies. This role allowed me to put into practice the skills I acquired at University whilst gaining lots of confidence which helped me build some great relationships with my clients. I worked there for 15 months before deciding to take on a new challenge here at Property Webmasters.

What I’ll be Doing in My New Role

I’ll be joining Property Webmasters as a Digital Marketing Executive ready to bring lots of fresh ideas to the team. Initially, I’ll predominantly be focusing on our internal email marketing strategy and showcasing to our clients why they should be utilising email marketing in order to generate leads. I’ll then shift my focus on introducing email marketing as a product we can offer to our clients.

Drawing upon my email expertise, I’ll look to improve all existing email output whilst ensuring clients are receiving the best service possible.

It’s an exciting time to be joining Property Webmasters!

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