Turn Social Followers into Real Estate buyers

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Turn Social Followers into Real Estate buyers

Social media has become increasingly important, not only to share our personal lives but to showcase our businesses. However most real estate professionals are still learning how to fully embrace social media to turn loyal followers into real estate buyers.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, make the most out of your social media strategy. Whether you have a lot of time to work on your strategy or are limited to what can be done, there is always something you can implement to gain a larger following and better engagement of your brand.


Be the ‘know it all’ social account

Give your followers insightful and relevant information. If you share up to date industry related news in real time, followers will soon realise that your profile is the place to be for all up to date news, hints and tips in the real estate industry. This will generate brand exposure, gaining more followers and engagement along the way.

This should be common practice, but it’s surprising how many real estate companies don’t consider these techniques when implementing a social media strategy.

Engage with followers/ clients

Regularly share links, follow people, use hashtags and mention other accounts.

Think outside the box, don’t just copy off your competitors, make your own trends! In the real estate world we are seeing a growing trend of 360 degree videos and photos being shared on social media which is a proven success. This is certainly one to watch out for when looking at new innovative ways to engage with your followers.

Track your followers

Don’t just assume that sending a Tweet or writing a Facebook status is all you need to do to succeed on Social Media, you need to track your followers and look for opportunities to improve.

There are a lot of sites out there that allow you to schedule social media posts such as Hootsuite and Buffer but there aren’t so many that keep track of your social followers. Luckily most social media platforms now have their own form of data tracking, you can use tools such as Twitter analytics and Facebook insights to track follower engagement. Other social media platforms have their own data collection methods so be sure to check them out each month to monitor progress.

Once enough monthly data is accumulated, you can create a realistic strategy. This will grow your brand and can drive 43% of internet traffic to your website that is said to be solely brought by social media.


Constantly talk about your company

In real estate it’s common to constantly try and ‘big up’ your company on social media but in reality this won’t increase followers, you will lose follower interest. Even though it is important to promote your company via social media, it’s crucial to get the right balance.

Don’t fall into the trap of turning your Twitter feed into a sales pitch, use 80% of your posts for generating interest and the remaining 20% for promotion. Being likeable will increase the chances of turning your followers into buyers.

Post content outside your industry

Now you know it’s important to share useful information, don’t share anything and everything that will clutter up followers newsfeeds. You’re a real estate company, your followers won’t want to hear about the ‘latest summer fashion trends’, even if you are interested in this. People will lose interest fast and even unfollow you if you’re not offering anything of value.

There are a lot of brands out there that have damaged their reputation with the wrong tweet or post. A great example of is is when the beauty outlet Total Beauty confused Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah at the Oscars! This created a lot of awareness for the brand but not in the way they would have liked.

Social media gives your company character, so strategically thinking about what you are tweeting or posting on all social platforms is vital when trying to build the right brand awareness.

Ignore the data

Don’t ignore the data, check your social engagement tools, see what posts have worked and what hasn’t worked then build a comprehensive strategy going forward. Have you posted a video or an image of a property that has received more likes/ shares than a post without? Aim to post more videos or imagery, this will generate a lot more engagement.

Don’t forget to monitor your competitors social activity. You have tested what works for you, see what your competitors are doing differently. Avoid their mistakes and build on their best ideas to flourish in the competitive real estate industry.

The results are clear, if you follow our Do’s and Don’ts you will flourish in the social world in no time! Are you in need of some additional social media help? We have you covered! Contact us today to get your FREE digital marketing analysis and how we can help!

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