Track Data For Your Agency With Google Analytics

By Ellie Shaw
Track Data For Your Agency With Google Analytics

Is your Estate Agency making data driven decisions and determining patterns of behaviour from your customers? Establish the marketing channels that perform best and identify interests of your website visitors through Google Analytics! 

Google Analytics is a tool which enables you to review your website traffic through tracking and reporting. Having the ability to review this data will allow your agency to gain insight to where traffic is coming from. In addition to this, you could obtain knowledge as to what is working best to gain traffic and what isn’t. Do you know if your campaigns, content or posts need improving? Well, Google Analytics does! 

Why is Google Analytics Important for Estate Agents?

Using Google Analytics is significantly important for estate agents. Having the capability to track the sources of your web traffic can help to determine; patterns of behaviour whilst users are on your website, the channels that are working best for your estate agency and the interests of your customers. As well as determining interests, you can gather demographics such as age and location, which could help you to create tailored campaigns based on those who have previously been on your site. Maybe sending an email or letter with 5 featured properties, which are similar in price, room space and in the same location, to what they have been looking at, will be very appealing. Creating multiple campaigns that are tailored to certain groups could give you a better chance of interest rather than sending general campaigns to everyone, as this could be something your audience are not interested in, resulting in no extra traffic.

Reviewing and tracking the data results Google Analytics provides you with is very important for SEO

Why It Is Important To Track Results:

Tracking the results Google Analytics provides you with is very important, as the results allow you to make data lead decisions. Tracking the data subsequently allows you to create or alter the actions your business could take, in order to improve their  online traffic. For example, if the majority of your website traffic was due to your email campaigns, you may want to continue or even improve them. Whereas, if you aren’t getting much traffic through your social media campaigns, what actions would this make you take? Perhaps focusing more time on producing interesting social content would help your business gain new visitors. On the other hand, perhaps you aren’t making the return of investment you had hoped for through a particular channel and budget is being misused. Google Analytics is a necessity; it allows you to make informed decisions about where to focus your valuable time upon. If you’re not driven by results, how do you know if what you are doing is working!

Popular Views & Statistics in Google Analytics:

Now we’re going to talk about some of the most interesting and intriguing stats and analytics overviews you can take advantage of. With Analytics recently being updated to its newest form of Google Analytics 4, you may see a slightly different dashboard depending on whether your Analytics has been upgraded or not.

Nevertheless, let’s get into the most popular analytics dashboards and features!

  • Mobile Overview Report/Tech Report Overview

As we discussed in one of our previous blog posts, having a mobile responsive website is essential for your estate agency, without one you simply cannot achieve your business goals online.

To see this report in the old version of Analytics go Audience > Mobile > Overview. Otherwise, in Google Analytics 4 you can go Tech > Overview.

Once you land upon the page you’re greeted with information regarding users by platform, browser, screen resolution and device category. This information gives you insight into where your traffic is coming from, not geographically, (we will come onto that later) but technically. Are the majority of your users entering your estate agency website on a mobile device? If so, is your website perfectly set up to cope? Are all the forms for lead generation usable on mobile? Is the page load speed of the site fast on mobile devices? All of these questions must be answered; if a user has a bad experience upon your website, they will leave and head straight to a competitor!

  • Demographics Overview Report

To see this report in the old Analytics go Audience > Demographics > Overview. Otherwise, go to Demographics > Overview in Google Analytics 4.

As we hinted above, another great dashboard to view is the Demographics Location Report. This is especially useful for agents who are operating in multiple locations around the globe. This view allows you to see where in the world your traffic is visiting your website from and which visitors are interacting the most with your website. An example of where this is most useful is for websites that deal in multiple territories like Propuno. This website has property in Spain, Cyprus, France, England and more around the world, so this report will give insight that is useful for creating adverts, running campaigns and creating content.

Within Google Analytics 4 you can also see this data in City format as well as information about your audiences age, gender and more! 

  • Pages and Screen Overview

To see this report in the old Analytics go Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages. Otherwise, go to Engagement > Pages and Screens.

Now we have discussed how to find where your website visitors reside and what devices they use we need to find out which pages they enter your website on. If you want to see what page is most often landed on and where users are coming from, this is the report to check out. Information such as how many seconds users spend on a certain page and how many of them are returning users etc.

Have You Got Analytics Installed? Are you using it efficiently? If Not, Do You Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From?

If you have not got analytics installed or you’re not using this data your agency is missing out on free information that you can use to generate more traffic and more leads. Estate Agents are involved in one of the most competitive industries; therefore you need every edge in order to get ahead of the competition.

How to Install Google Analytics via Tag Manager :

Step 1: Set up Google tag manager-

All data from your website is taken to platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook analytics by Tag manager.

Step 2: Create a Google Analytics account-

In order to sign up, you must be on the Google Analytics page where it will ask you to enter your account, URL and website name. From here you must select your time zone and the website’s industry category.

Step 3: Set up analytics tag with Google tag manager-

Once you have been taken to a new page, you will be able to create a new website tag through configuration (where the tags collected data will go) and triggering (What type of collected data you want).

Step 4: Set up Google Analytics goals-

In order to set goal, you need to be on your Google dashboard where you will be able to look at goal templates including: Duration, destination, events and pages/ screens per session. 

Step 5: Link to Google search console-

Google search console will allow you to review invaluable data and search metrics such as what external and internal pages link to your site and your sites search crawl rate.

If you need any more information you can follow the steps on Google’s website.

In conclusion, Google Analytics is an amazing tool to use in order to make data lead decisions. Improving campaigns, content and posts will subsequently lead to a gain in traffic and interest and Google Analytics will be able to provide you with data where you will be able to determine what needs improving. After reading this, if it is all too much to take in, our team would be more than happy to discuss any queries you may have! Contact us here! 

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