Top Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

Friday 29th April 2016
Top Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

Are you struggling to move to the next stage with your estate agency? Are you providing a fantastic service to clients, but the instructions are simply not increasing? This could mean that you are not marketing yourself well, you have all the tools to provide the best possible service to your clients but they simply don’t know about you.

Its time to look at how you market yourself as an established, trustworthy estate agency to your local market. Here are a few tips below:

  • Engage with the local community programmes
    Look to attend events, offer sponsorship to local community organisations such as sports clubs, schools etc. This gets more exposure than you might think and it really engages with your local audience, it also builds trust.
  • Business networking
    You’ve all heard of networking events, you’ve all been invited to networking events, but do you go? No, why not? They are a great way of interacting with other local businesses. Networking opens doors and allows for face to face conversations, face to face is always the best way to market your services and such networking events are set up for this very reason.
  • Advertise your services
    Many agents that we speak to get so focused on advertising their properties that almost all of their marketing budget goes into the properties. But you should also focus on telling people about the services you offer, this way you are much more likely to attract customers as you are telling them what you can do for them. Valuations may be a service that you offer, but does anyone know this?
  • Leaflet drop
    Sometimes overlooked and considered a dated way to advertise your agency, for what it costs to organise and distribute a leaflet campaign then why not? If nothing else people will know you exist. A tried and tested marketing campaign that takes things back to tried and tested marketing techniques
  • Review your approach 
    As an estate agent, you are primarily a marketing company for properties, you market other peoples properties. So consider your approach when speaking to potential clients, tell them exactly how you are the best agency to market their property, what do you do differently? Let them know!
  • Explore free property portals
    Don’t overlook the free alternative property portals, many of which are free! Don’t just focus on the mainstream portals in your country. The property market is a global marketplace now, there are people from all over the world looking for your properties so use that exposure if you can
  • Social Media
    If you aren’t active on social media then you are missing a trick, the exposure you can gain from being active on platforms such as twitter and facebook is incredible. If you are offering a good service then there is no reason for you not to, people will chat about your service and also refer people to you using such social platforms. Get connected!
  • Existing/Past Clients
    Keep the clients that you have previously worked with informed, the easiest way to market is to approach people you have previously worked with and given a good service. Let them know if you now offer a new service, let them know if you have a special offer… Keep that relationship going as long as you can, they will come back to you and they will let others know about you. Word of mouth is still incredibly valuable. Engage with people using things like email marketing.
  • Business Awards
    Be proud of what you achieve, submit your company to local, regional and national business awards. You will gain plenty of exposure even if you don’t win. You can engage with people leading up to the awards ceremony and ask them to vote for you if that is the format, this can become viral and if nothing else fun!
  • Look the part
    You can’t scrimp on your appearance, look as professional as you can… From business cards to office layout! Don’t come across cheap, your looking after peoples greatest investment.
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimisation is something that all companies should adopt, being seen on the internet is extremely important. For local and regional searches it really does make a difference to client acquisitions, with local search being a huge factor in peoples pursuit for your services you must ensure you are at very least listed as a business within the major search engines. But looking beyond that you should also look to appear for more generic search terms specific to your location.

All of the above are focused solely on communication, if you don’t communicate with people then they will never engage with you. You may offer the best service possible but if you don’t communicate then people will never know, the beauty of some of the above suggestions is that you can get people to communicate about your services for you!

We have only scratched the surface with the above, we have highlighted the easiest ways to market your company to a local market. It is always best to explore the possibilities with people close to you, and 90% of agents only operate for the immediate catchment.

So go for it folks, start engaging and communicating with the local community.

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