Top 5 Time Saving Tips

Wednesday 07th February 2018
Top 5 Time Saving Tips

Ever feel like you need a watch to stop time in order to complete your workload?

Being an estate agent often means you have a high workload and working long hours in order to meet targets and deadlines. We have put together our top tips for saving time to help you be more productive with your time.

Here are our Top 5 Time Saving Tips:


It may seem obvious, but being organised plays a crucial role in any line of work. Organising your workload and planning out your day in advance will mean that you can set realistic targets of what can be done, and what time you may have spare.

Don’t forget to leave time for the unexpected.

Top tip – Have a set structure to contact clients before a viewing or meeting to confirm their attendance, this will eliminate the time spent travelling and waiting at a viewing for a no show.

Access to work on the go

How much time do you spend waiting for clients? I’m sure you already have emails set up on your phone to keep up to date whilst on the go. But if you want to go one step further, use Gsuite (Google Docs) and never forget a piece of work again. Gsuite is a Google tool that allows you to use various Word and Excel documents online which can be shared with other users and be accessed anytime, anywhere. Gsuite has great Twitter support available @gsuite. Using these tools will mean that you can make the most of any time you spend waiting.


Automation is another great time saver. Set up standing orders and direct debits to save time when paying the same bills each month, this will also avoid late payments. This will usually take the same amount of time to set up as making the payment each month.

Digital Marketing

It can be hard to find the time to keep on top of your digital marketing. It’s a good idea to schedule most of your social media posts at the beginning of the week so it won’t end up on the back burner when something of higher priority comes in.

Here at Property Webmasters we offer an excellent digital marketing service for all your estate agent needs. Our Marketing package can be personalised to you and can include email marketing, on page optimisation, social media management, Paid advertising and much more. Check out our digital marketing package from more information.

Work Together

Two heads are better than one. Have a quick morning meeting for all colleagues and discuss the daily workload. There may be someone else in the team with an idea on how to get something done quicker or who can help with another’s workload.

Need a website that generates more traffic? Sit back, relax and let the experts take care of your website design needs. Not only will this save a huge amount of time, you are guaranteed to generate more leads, meaning more time can be spent on converting them into clients, your business will be booming!

If you want to succeed within the property industry, make sure your follow these top 5 tips and your estate agency will become much more efficient in no time. Don’t forget that getting noticed online is essential to obtaining more leads! So save time today and let us do all the hard work for you. Looking to generate more leads? Contact us today to see how we can help you succeed!

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