Top 10 Estate Agent Website Features

Sunday 07th February 2016
Top 10 Estate Agent Website Features

Over 10 years of website development to property professionals world-wide has meant that we have dealt with many requests from agents who want that something special on their website. We have received crazy requests from agents that we have dealt with and that have been somewhat successful but there are many features that we add to websites that are requested regularly by our clients and are hugely successful.

Some features are designed to provide more functionality to the users of of the website and others are designed to improve conversion rates and extract contact data from the users of the website.

We have pulled together our ‘Top 10 Property Website features’ for you to consider below, and ofcourse we are happy to discuss any of these with your directly so feel free to get in touch >


Top 10 Estate Agent Website Features


10. Market Index

The market index solution takes the data from your property portfolio and displays this in graphical format on your website, this is a great feature as users of your website can view the common statistics for properties in their area of choice. It can show average property prices in specific areas for sales, rentals and commercial properties as it pulls data automatically from your listings.

9. Property Developments

Many of our agents look after the marketing of property developments, our property development system allows agents to add developments and properties to their admin panel. When a development is created and you are adding a property then you can easily assign a property to a specific development and it will appear as part of that development at the front-end of your website.

8. Social Media

An absolute ‘must’ for all savvy estate agents is the integration of various social media platforms, Social Media can make or break any estate agency and it is a fundamental part of being seen in the online marketplace.

7. Newsletters

Many estate agents are constantly in pursuit of new clients and they neglect the clients that they already have. One of the first rules of business is to keep your existing clients happy and informed, and what better way to do this than to integrate a newsletter signup feature onto the website so that you can keep your clients updated on new services and business activity. We would advise ALL agents to invest the time into keeping clients updated and we find that the easiest way to do this is electronically by email.

6. Online Marketing

Getting seen on the internet is an obvious desire to all businesses operating in the online marketplace, there are various online marketing techniques that we can help with including Social Media, Newsletter Management, SEO, Paid Advertising and property network integration. Find out more here >

5. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – BIG business, this is basically optimising your website in a way that appeals to the major search engines such as Google. The better your optimisation the higher you will rank in the search engine results pages for various keywords/keyphrases. We spend a lot of time on this for our clients and it is one of the most popular requests from clients wanting to succeed online. This is essential for all clients who want their website to succeed and it involved various onsite and offsite SEO tactics.

4. Property Shortlist

This is GREAT for data capture, allowing your web visitors to add properties to a shortlist for later review and possible comparison is an excellent way to convert a visitor into a potential lead. We always advise to ask clients for an email address and contact details before allowing them to create their shortlist, you get their details and you can market to them as an active lead in future estate agency marketing campaigns.

3. Draw Map

We’ve seen this feature many times on many websites but the requests for such are still coming in. Another fantastic feature for people who are more specific in their search requirements. this feature simply allows a user to draw their search area on a map, once the shape has been drawn onto the map then a properties are revealed within that area.

2. Property Alerts

Intuitive, interactive and great for lead generation. If a user is on your website and they can’t find a property that matches their requirements, then why not build in a system that notifies them when a property that does match their requirements does arrive in your portfolio? A fully integrated system will allow a user to easily create a property alert by taking their requirements from the search requirements they have already entered when they conducted their first search, all the user needs to do is enter their contact details and they can be notified automatically with any property matches.

1. Feed Generation

And by far and away the biggest request we get is for feed genaration, this involves getting an agents listings seen on the major property portals globally. We have various integrated systems and partnerships with data feed generation companies such as MyDataFeed which allow us to give ALL agents and unrivalled list of property portals to feed their properties onto!

We are always working on cutting edge integrations for our clients and we will aspire to work with people on many more features we have up our sleeves as long as we are in business! If you have any ideas or would like to know more about any of the above features or simply want to know how we can help you reach the next level then lets chat >



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