Estate Agents, How the Latest Meta Updates will Effect you!

By Millie Taylor
Estate Agents, How the Latest Meta Updates will Effect you!

As one of the most relied-on marketing platforms for agencies, Meta likes to keep marketers on their toes when it comes to the latest updates and features. 

In the last few months, Meta has announced a variety of both paid and organic features, that are currently live or still in testing, which agents need to be leveraging within their strategy. 

It all starts with a WhatsApp…

If your agency heavily relies on WhatsApp to contact or reach out to prospects and clients, this update will help bridge the gap between your organic and paid advertising. 

Meta is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to create ads directly from the WhatsApp Business app. Not only is this great for saving time, but it will improve the efficiency of your overall marketing and allow your prospects to reach out to you on a much more personal level directly from a campaign. 

With 7 out of 10 people preferring to reach out to businesses on a much more personal level, this is a great step in the right direction for small businesses. Here’s a sneak preview of what it could look like.

That’s not the only update WhatsApp update Meta is rolling out… With the ability to post campaigns directly from the WhatsApp business app comes the ability to view your WhatsApp messages from your Messager inbox. 

Keeping everything, from your Instagram to Facebook and now WhatApp messages all in one place, allows businesses to be a lot more streamlined and effective when reaching out to clients and prospects. 

Contact us today for more information on how WhatsApp ads can benefit your agency!

Conversion Metrics are back!

The moment we have all been waiting for… we can now see conversion metrics for 8 breakdowns, including, age, gender and country. 

A dream come true for both marketers and Estate Agents, not only will this allow us to identify in more detail the exact area the leads and traffic are coming from, but it will allow us to be much more proactive when it comes to making changes regarding your target audience and which campaigns are performing best. 

Working hand in hand with this, 28-day click attribution is back for reporting. This means we can now also compare your monthly results against other attribution windows to compare the short and long-term impact of our campaigns. 

Marketing Messages from Meta Business Suite

Meta has also recently announced that they are testing a new feature that will allow businesses to send promotional message campaigns via Messenger to customers who opt-in. 

For example, a customer may opt-in to receive notifications about upcoming offers, this will then allow your agency to keep customers engaged and up to date with any upcoming development releases or changes to your services. 

Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition Changes

Heavily reliant on by small and medium-sized agencies, Meta’s Lead Generation tools are a great way for real estate agents to grow their customer base and generate leads from both ends of the funnel.

Hoping to improve ‘end-to-end’ management of lead generation, here are a few updates they are launching:

  • Gated Content, currently to download content directly from a lead form users are directed to a third-party site although this will not be the case for long.  Soon businesses will be able to provide resources such as brochures, guides or even product pricing directly from the lead form.
  • Partner Integration is a huge step up for agencies wanting to connect their CRM to your lead generation campaigns. You can download lead information directed to your own CRM, allowing for a quicker more efficient follow-up.
  • Lead Filtering, allows businesses to be able to pursue leads that are the best fit for their business or offer. This will be done through a response to a multiple-choice question that agencies can add to their lead form, saving you time to only deal with relevant and quality leads. 
  • Quote Request on Instagram, is currently being tested on selected businesses, this feature will allow businesses to add a ‘Get a Quote’ button to their Instagram profile and stories. Great for agents, you can set up custom questions that will appear to the customer prior to them starting a conversation.
  • Creative Flexibility, another feature to add to instant forms, Meta is testing a much more flexible and personalisable instant form. Allowing businesses to add visuals and content to your forms, is a great way to make your campaigns more personal for your audience and nurture more quality leads. 

With social media taking over 25% of all digital media consumption, not only will this help small businesses market and connect with customers but it will be a great step for businesses looking to improve their productivity. 

Here are a few more recent changes to the platform:

  • Facebook Reels ads Carousel Format, Similar to how this works for the feed, this new update allows you to show up to 10 images or videos in a single Facebook reels ad, with each image or video having its own link. Great for those wanting to promote multiple properties/ developments within the same campaign. 
  • Special ad audience removal, due to Meta’s important settlement with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, from October 12th 2022 this audience will no longer be available for us across Ads Manager. With Facebook’s advice simply being to ‘explore broader targeting options’, we understand that this could potentially effect many businesses across the globe although we have seen some great results from utilising alternative audiences such as custom audiences and interest based targeting.

If you like the sound of some of the recent changes but don’t know where to start when it comes to your Facebook and Instagram ads, leave a few details today for some insight into how we can help your agency be seen online!

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