The Importance Of Producing Good Quality Content

By Ellie Shaw
The Importance Of Producing Good Quality Content

The internet can be accessed by everyone around the world. It is a giant online source of information which is why it is crucial to provide quality content to everyone viewing your website. To do this, every page you create needs to be unique with different information and designs. Search engines rank pages, not websites. That is why it’s important to add keywords and phrases into your content to allow your website to rank higher in the search results!

Quality over quantity:

Instead of thinking your website needs loads of content to be successful, think more about the quality and relevance of the content. Search engines pick up on keywords and phrases, due to the initial search. The search engines then rank your website from most to least relevant on the results page. This means the more relevant the content; the more people will view your site. 

However, don’t make the mistake of adding keywords and phrases that may be relevant, to something else, but not for the content you’re producing. This could mean that someone may end up on your website looking for ‘apartments in Spain’ but end up looking at ‘Villas in Portugal’. This isn’t ideal for anyone; if the information isn’t relevant to their search, they will go straight off your page. Then you aren’t getting the viewers you were hoping for (potential clients interested in that specific content).

Here is an analogy we found that we really think hits the nail on the head about SEO content. ‘Let’s think of the internet as a playground full of children. Lots of noise & chaos. Then imagine a teacher giving a loud blast on a whistle (suddenly everyone pays attention) & declares that the local football club is offering free cup final tickets to the child most interested in football (think of this as an internet search for “child most interested in football”). What’s going to happen? The chaos intensifies & every hand shoots up accompanied by enthusiastic shouts of “Pick me! Pick me! I like football!” So, how would a search engine make sense of this?A search engine would probably push to the top of the queue the kids that were, just a few minutes ago, actually playing football. Google would push further to the top the kids who are recognised by their peers as being more focused on their football.At the very top of the search engine rankings would be the kid who spends his or her evening writing articles and blogs about football. Writing reviews about the away game he or she traveled to the other end of the country to see. The kid who the others turn to for football stats, info & trivia. The kid is the authority. And I really hope he/she enjoys the cup final.’ We hoped you enjoyed that as much as we did!

Ways you can add quality content to your website:

  • Post content regularly: This could be a news article, social posts, newsletters, blog post etc.
  • Add frequently asked questions: Ask yourself ‘what do clients ask frequently?’ or ‘what content would I want to see as a client?’
  • On-page content:  The on-page content can have a major impact on your page’s ranking which is why you should optimise your site to its full potential. The biggest factors of this is the quality of content on the page, if the content is link-able if it supplies demand, the URL and the title name. It’s great to have good content but these other factors need to be considered too!
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is a process used when you want to increase the traffic to your website. This is done by adding relevant keywords and phrases into the content you are producing. This is very beneficial for estate agents because the more keywords you get in there (e.g. ‘Apartments in Famagusta, Spain’ and ‘Properties in Famagusta, Spain’), the higher your website will rank on search engines.

Images and videos:

Providing quality content is certainly a crucial step for your website’s success. However, if you don’t present it properly, it could potentially be pointless. Have you ever loaded a website to see a plain white background with a load of text? The first thing that pops into your head is ‘Information overload!’ and we tend to look for a different site. This is what you want to avoid. Studies show that 75% of people judge a website by its initial look, so first impressions really do matter. You need to add multiple colours, images and videos to make your website aesthetically pleasing and truly grab the viewer’s attention.  Providing images and videos will be a great way to help people decide whether they should stay or leave your site depending on what they’re looking for.  

Keep it fresh:

Making sure your content is staying fresh is a necessary step to success. This means adding brand new or updated information, keeping up with trends and posting on a regular basis. Again this could be through blog posts and news articles. This will increase your brand’s authority and reassure current or future clients that you are: professional, experienced and the right estate agent for them. The more keywords are used, the higher your site ranks on the results page and keywords give you the opportunity to boost your site further up those results! Quality fresh content adds value to your site which could build a community of loyal customers and attract more visitors.

Don’t have time to produce content?

Within some businesses, people simply don’t have time to produce content. However, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to gain more leads just because you can’t find the time. We can help! contact us today! 

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