The Importance of Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

By Ellie Shaw
The Importance of Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

When implementing a marketing campaign, do you get the return that you desire? Are you capturing those quality leads your agency needs? These are all extremely important questions that you need to ask yourself about your agency! In this blog, we will be explaining the importance of multichannel marketing campaigns and how when combined together, they can perform more efficiently and help take your estate agency to new heights.

Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Multichannel marketing campaigns are simply campaigns that take place across multiple channels. They are put in place when a business wants to deliver a message while reaching an expanded audience. The channels that could be included are your website, email marketing, social media marketing and paid search campaigns, otherwise known as PPC.  Your website is usually the end goal of a marketing campaign and the place where your objective will be fulfilled, which in real estate is usually generating leads for your properties!

Multiple Channels are more Effective than one!

Multichannel marketing campaigns are significantly more effective than uploading your message to just one platform. When uploading a blog to a website, the goal is to spark interest and generate leads. However, just uploading a blog with no other form of promotion would not allow your agency to achieve its goal. Yes, this will benefit your Search Engine Optimisation however, SEO takes time meaning the results won’t be as effective at first. In order to reach your goal and generate maximum exposure, you will need to inform as many people as possible. After all, the more people your message reaches, the more interest you will gain. Not only does using more than one platform help gain more exposure, but it helps you use each channel more effectively and efficiently, but we’ll delve into this a bit more below…

Why Multichannel Marketing Campaigns are Important for Estate Agents

It is crucial to have a Multichannel approach when producing a campaign for your agency. There are a variety of channels being used by buyers and sellers every minute, which means the multichannel strategy enhances the chance of your business informing as many people as possible with your message. 

Not only does this strategy inform people who have already shown an interest in your agency, but it also allows you to inform a wider audience. When sending emails, you are contacting past, current or potential clients which is great as you know these users have already shown interest in your agency. This means you could re-engage this audience via your email! However, let’s say this doesn’t work and those signed up to receive your newsletters don’t show the interest you hoped for. You could then use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, in order to reach your followers and the broader public. Non-followers could see your post and interact with your post, meaning you have obtained a potential lead as they have shown interest!

There are many benefits when it comes to multichannel marketing campaigns. They help you to reach your end goal, and do this by:

Increased engagement: When using multiple channels you will gain more engagement. This is because of the campaign in reaching a wider audience.

Expanded reach: You are able to reach an expanded audience when using multiple channels, as you will gain more organic impressions than you would if you only used one platform.

Measurability: You are able to measure the interaction and interest you gain from these channels in multiple ways. When sending emails you could track open and click rates. Mailchimp is a great platform to use as you can schedule and track emails. When uploading a blog to a website, you could use Google Analytics to track much organic traffic you have gained since uploading. You can also measure social media posts by looking at the likes and comments and using Google Analytics to see how much traffic has come through social media since posting. This allows you to compare each platform’s performance and analyse what readers engage best with on each channel.

SEO: When uploading a blog to a website, you are creating on-page content. You can also add keywords to your blog which will help your website’s SEO. You will rank higher on search engines when someone searches for the services you provide. 

What Makes an Effective Multichannel Marketing Campaign?

Understand your target audience: What does your audience want to see and where do they want to see it? Look at your past social media posts, news articles and emails. Where did you get the most interaction or traffic? Was it when you were listing featured properties or promoting your services? This could help you to decide what content would be best for your multichannel campaign.

Utilise channels: When using different channels, use them to their full potential. If you are posting on the likes of Instagram or Facebook, use their story features. A certain number of Instagram users may only go on there to look at stories rather than scroll through their feed. Fully utilising the channels you use would help to make your campaign more effective. 

SEO: Uploading a blog will help your site to rank higher on search engines, due to the keywords. So as well as helping your campaign, you’re helping your overall website.

Choose your platforms correctly: A multichannel marketing campaign, as long as you aren’t choosing random channels for the sake of it. For example, the majority of Snapchat users are teenagers. This would mean that you won’t reach an audience that would be interested in your offer. Therefore, this would be a pointless channel to use, as you most likely won’t get any interaction.

Make Data lead decisions: As previously mentioned, you can measure the results of your campaign in order to see how successful it has been. This is extremely important as this data could come majorly benefit your strategies in your future campaigns. Data lead decisions can ultimately lead to you generating the best return possible. When using multiple channels you have the flexibility to utilise the strengths of each, meaning you can be provided with the best return on investment (ROI). For example, if your marketing goal is to generate leads for your properties and your Paid Search campaigns are performing really well in terms of generating quality traffic to your site, we could put less emphasis on generating traffic from paid social media. Instead, focus on an area such as remarketing, which means we’ll have more spend on this channel for remarketing as the traffic generation has already been covered on PPC. 

Remarketing: Multichannel marketing campaigns allow you to remarket to your previous clients. You could do this through the segments in your email channel. This way you can create customised messages to re-engage these clients.

How we can help!

We provide Digital Marketing services to estate agents worldwide, specifically for lead generation. With more than 30 years of experience within the property marketing sector, we have a team that will help your agency grow!

By creating a strong online presence through Digital Marketing, you can connect with your audience and develop a strong relationship with them. Not only will your online presence benefit your relationships with clients, but you are also able to reach new heights with your agency. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Digital Marketing services we have to offer, click here or contact us today! Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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