The Importance of Good Website Content

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The Importance of Good Website Content

The internet is a huge online source of information so it’s important to provide quality content to all your visitors. To do this each page on your website must be unique, always keeping the user in mind. Google ranks pages, not websites. This gives you a unique opportunity to rank for a keyword or keyphrase on each website page.

Did you know that a website’s success is determined primarily by its content?

How much content does my website need?

Rather than thinking about how much content you should put onto your website, you need to think ‘Is there enough quality content on my website?’ Search engines will rank quality and useful content over ‘keyword stuffed’ irrelevant content.

Ways you can add quality content to your website should include:

  • Adding regular news articles or blog posts
  • Giving as much information about a property as possible (with relevant images & videos as possible).
  • Add a frequently asked questions page – Do your clients keep asking the same questions? Why not provide them with the answers so they are equipped with all the information they need before buying or selling their home.
  • Include a local area page – So you have a client who would like to buy property? Why don’t you give them an incentive to move by telling people exactly what they can see and do.

Content imagery and videos

Providing quality content isn’t just about writing the best quality information, it’s also about how your content looks and if the user can find what they are looking for. Adding relevant (and mobile responsive) images and videos within your content can be the difference between receiving a high bounce rate or converting visitors to clients. When someone visits a website they are usually trying to find what they want in a matter of seconds. Providing images and videos will be an excellent visual aid to help people make a quick decision whether to stay or leave your site.

Keep it fresh

Not only should all your pages contain quality content, you need to keep your site fresh, which means providing quality content on a regular basis creating blog posts or news articles. This will build your brand’s online authority and persuade prospective clients that you are the ‘Estate Agency to go with!’.

Other advantages of why quality content is important to your estate agency website include:

  • Content adds value to your website
  • It gives you the chance to get to know your clients
  • It builds a community of loyal customers

Don’t have time to write content?

Within a small business people just don’t have the time to write content, but there is no need to miss out on gaining more leads simply because you don’t have time. We can help! Did you know that we are currently offering a free online analysis that can tell you how to improve content on your website? If this is something you’re looking for, contact us today!

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