The birth of online Estate Agencies

The birth of online Estate Agencies

Whats with the birth of online estate agencies? We see new agencies that only operate online cropping up on a daily basis, so where did it all start?


We can look at this from a technologic perspective, advances in technology have allowed individuals to access services from companies on a global scale. Whether buying a new toothbrush or your next rolls royce, you are likely to take a look online first, where you will find the same deal from any number of suppliers all competing for your business. The internet really has revolutionised the way we buy and sell.

The world has become much more accessible and with this competitive, the days of using local suppliers for services and products may very well be numbered. This is evident in many markets including property and real estate.


The key selling point of an online estate agent is the fact that they can save the property owner thousands of pounds in fees, this is a very attractive proposition for owners and it is a trend that is likely to continue.

Many agencies rely on the major portals to sell and lease properties, online estate agencies do the same but they are not charging the same as a typical estate agency. So why use an estate agency? Every estate agency brings their own level of expertise, and with it they may bring contacts and they may make the difference between you making a successful sale or acquisition of a property.

How should high street agencies operate?

As mentioned, many estate agencies will have their own key selling points, it is vitally important that every estate agency acts on their assets, what can they offer that an online estate agency cannot.

High Street estate agencies MUST focus their attentions on acquiring properties and marketing their services by concentrating on what they do best, property acquisition is key for all High Street agencies over the coming years as online estate agencies really do mean business.

Tips for estate agencies moving forward

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