How to Succeed in Spanish Real Estate
Wednesday 25th October 2017
How to Succeed in Spanish Real Estate

There are many things to consider for Real Estate Agents who are investing in Spanish property. Working with the right people and creating an impressive online presence is essential to successfully sell property in Spain.

Some key concepts to consider when investing in Spanish property are:

Follow the Spanish laws

Ensure you are fully aware of the property laws in Spain, every country is different. You don’t want to find your dream property only to have it fall through at the last hurdle.

The Spanish Golden Visa

Spain launched its golden visa programme in 2012 where investors need to spend a minimum of €500,000 in real estate to apply for residency. It is not necessary to live in Spain in order to retain and renew the residency visa permit.

Buy-to-Let laws

Looking to buy property to rent out in Spain? You will have to make sure that the local region of Spain allows this. Some regions such as the Balearic Islands ‘have stringent regulations whereby a special licence is required to rent.’

Know your location & Target the right people

Depending on what property you are selling will determine who you are targeting.

Did you know that Spain is the world’s third most popular tourism destination?

Start by choosing the location you would like to invest in. In the Canary Islands you are almost guaranteed sun all year round, so buying a property here (for example) will generate a steady income all year from the constant flow of holiday goers. If you are looking to invest in Spanish property, holiday rental homes are currently one of the most profitable investment options.

The benefits

You need to know the benefits of buying and selling property in Spain to really know what you’re getting for your money.

Lots of popular locations – The Spanish property market includes the Spain mainland, The Balearic Islands as well as the Canary Islands.

Steady growth in property investment – On average the Spanish property market has grown year on year. In 2016 there was a 15% increase in property transactions compared to the year before and 2017 has seen no slowdown.

Generate more leads with the experts

You will need a professional responsive website that will generate leads to succeed in Spain. Knowing the Spanish property laws, your target audience and the benefits of buying & selling property in Spain is just the start. Creating an online presence will enable any real estate agent to target a wider audience.

We are experienced in the Spanish Property industry and provide expert website designs tailored to selling properties in Spain. If you are looking for a professional affordable website or property portal, contact us today for a free consultation.

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