How to succeed in Portuguese Real Estate

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How to succeed in Portuguese Real Estate

If you have made the decision to buy property in Portugal, there are certain aspects of Portuguese regulations to take into account. To succeed in Portuguese Real Estate you must be aware of what laws need to be followed, the benefits of Portugal’s real estate industry and how to generate leads.

Follow The Laws

Golden visa programme in Portugal – The Golden Visa programme was launched in October 2012 and has proven to be one of the most popular property schemes in Europe for real estate investment for non-EU citizens. To receive a golden visa a person must invest €500,000 into a freehold property in Portugal, if a visa is obtained you will gain permanent residency after 5 years.

Get legal advice – Most people buying property in Europe don’t seek legal advice and those who don’t take these precautions will hit legal problems. For foreign investors it is highly recommended that you hire a licensed Portuguese property lawyer to ensure that all investment procedures are met.

Know your Target Audience – Selling property in Portugal is different to selling in the UK or any other country as buyers will be looking for different property features. In Portugal they could be looking for property with a pool and a balcony, where as in the UK they will not. Investing in the right property while keeping your target audience in mind is vital.

The Benefits

Great locations – Although the Algarve is one of the most expensive property investment locations in Portugal, it’s one of the most popular for property sales because it’s known for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches and golf resorts.

Another great location is the Silver Coast, here you can find some great properties to invest in, as well as great property development opportunities. This beautiful stretch of coastline is just an hour away from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon.

Cheap property – Cheaper property to buy is another reason to invest in Portugal property. The average cost of a property in Portugal is €1,073 per sq m. whereas in Spain this is €1,636. So you can potentially get more for your money in a strong economy.

Generate More leads

You will need a professional responsive website that will generate leads to succeed in Portugal. Knowing the Portuguese property laws, your target audience and the benefits of buying & selling property in Portugal is just the start. Creating an online presence will enable any real estate agent to target a wider audience.

We are experienced in the property industry and provide expert website designs tailored to selling properties in Portugal. If you are looking for a professional affordable website or property portal, contact us today for a free quote.

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