How to Sell Property using Social Media

Friday 29th September 2017
How to Sell Property using Social Media

There is no denying that Social Media is huge, not only to share our day to day lives with the world, but also for companies to attract customers/clients. Because social media is growing in popularity, now is the right time make sure you are using it the right way to sell property.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is a good way to interact with your customers in real time. Video content used on social media is a great way to advertise properties for sale so why not take it a step further and stream a Facebook Live video tour of a property, answering any live questions that come through. These live videos are the next best thing if a buyer is not able to attend a property viewing and will generate a lot more interest free of charge.

Did you know that “Facebook Live Stream” search popularity has risen over 330% since Facebook Live’s Roll out in April 2016.

What you post

Don’t constantly post about properties for sale in every Tweet or Status you share, it will get stale and people will tune out. Make sure you share some useful industry content in between to keep your followers engaged.

Other than promoting your brand and properties for sale, other things to communicate with your audience should include:

  • Latest property news
  • Local area news
  • Engage with the top trends on Twitter
  • Ask your followers questions

Be the one stop place your client will want to visit to find out everything about the property industry. This will be much more interesting than bombarding people with the latest properties for sale.

Top Tip – Not enough time in the day to login to your social media? Try scheduling your posts using Hootsuite!

Who you follow

Follow the right people on social media to spread the word about your estate agency.

Use websites such as Crowdfire to find and follow potential clients in bulk by searching for property related accounts or you could even follow your competitors followers. If you bulk follow, make sure you bulk un follow any account that does not follow you back, depending on who they are.

If you follow the right accounts and mention the right people, you will see likes, shares and comments in return which will generate a greater brand interest.

Embrace social analytics

See what time of day your target audience is most active, post something at these times to ensure your posts are seen by more people. Each social media platform has their own form of analytics. Facebook has ‘Facebook Insights’ that enables you to view the amount of likes you have, your post engagements, post reach as well as telling you what times of the day your target audience are most likely to be online.

Twitter has ‘Twitter Analytics’, here you can see how many impressions your Tweets have received, how many followers you have, how many mentions you’ve received and what your top tweet of the month was.

LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram all have similar analytics that enable a savvy marketer to create the perfect social media marketing strategy.

Share high quality imagery

No one wants to see blurry pixilated images of a property they could potentially want to buy. If you take the time to hire a professional to take high quality images, videos or even 360 images, you will an increased engagement rate.

But don’t just stop there! there is so much more to Social Media than meets the eye. So to get ahead of the growing online competition DOWNLOAD OUR FREE SOCIAL MEDIA HACKS HERE>

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