5 Revolutionary Technologies for selling property

5 Revolutionary Technologies for selling property

Technological developments are being introduced into the property industry which could have a significant impact on how estate agents market properties in the near future. Now is the time to to get ahead of the competition.

Here are some of the top revolutionary technologies that are starting to take off:

Virtual Tours/ 360 imagery

Its simple enough to take high quality photos of the properties you’re selling to be displayed on your site, but why stop there when you could add 360 degree images to your listings? This will allow viewers to get a feeling of what the entire room looks like, rather than guessing, making it easier for potential buyers to make that crucial decision. These 360 degree images can be put together to create a virtual tour of the property, meaning buyers don’t even have to go out to view a property, saving time.

A great example of this can be seen on the Virtual Walk Through website. Here you will see a ‘doll house’ view of a property, from there you are able to click on any room and see a 360 degree image of that room. There is even an option to view this from a VR headset, so it will be like you’re stood in the room.


You’ve seen how revolutionary 360 degree images are, drones take this to the next level. Drones can help market a property from above the treetops, this will give prospective buyers a comprehensive view of a property they may be interest in as well showing them what the local area looks like.

Some questions that drone videos can answer are; Is the property in a good location?, Is the neighborhood safe? Is it near public transportation? – Drones are certainly a future trend to watch out for.

Live broadcasting

If you want to showcase a property, live broadcasting is the future. Live Youtube broadcasting or Facebook live videos are just some examples of how an estate agent could showcase a property for sale.

With the busy lives we lead, it can be difficult to be in two places at once. Live broadcasting enables potential buyers to see a property even if they can’t be there in person, this way of showcasing a property is certainly easier and cheaper to achieve than creating a virtual tour or using a drone. Because camera technology is becoming more sophisticated these days, we are seeing an increase of demand for filming properties year on year.

Real Estate Apps

If you want to target the younger homebuyer, listing properties on apps is the key to success. Make sure your content is optimised for mobile and list properties on popular mobile apps such as Trulia and Zillow. A huge proportion of property buyers are using mobiles, an average of 600 million homes are viewed on mobiles per month.

For sale sign technology

Technology can be found anywhere these days. Probably a less known upcoming trend for selling property is fitting microchips and transmitters inside for sale signs. If a potential buyer has an app to search for properties, they can receive details of a house for sale nearby. This allows buyers to walk past a house without an appointment and receive all necessary information about it, enabling the decision making process to be much more efficient.

Although this isn’t common practice yet, it will most likely turn out to be an advantageous technological trend estate agents will use within the near future.

Do your research

With all the evolving technologies out there that are shaping the world of how to sell property, it’s imperative that you are keeping up to date with all the latest technologies that will flourish in the property industry.

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