Refresh Your Branding In 2020

Refresh Your Branding In 2020

Graphic design is a crucial aspect of everyone’s marketing efforts in 2020. You need to make an impact from the first sighting. You need to be memorable, and you need to get ahead with the times. Companies like Apple, Google & so many more huge names have changed their branding to stay relevant and attractive in the forever changing appetites of the consumer. Does your company need to as well? The chances are it probably does.

Your estate agency needs to consider whether or not you have adapted to the needs of the modern world in 2020. If you have only been previously selling properties via bricks & mortar and have been using the same logo that you started in 1990, then you definitely need to change your image. Otherwise, people won’t even give you a second thought, they will think you are outdated, stuck in the old days & are unequipped to deal with their current needs. Remember, a dated logo may not represent your company values and leave you behind your competitors.

Below is a prime example of how Google made a small font change bringing their branding into a modern age whilst retaining its core design.

Google logo before and after

Why is it important to have a good logo?

Think of like this, your logo is the first thing that everyone will see. It will be on every single email template, leaflet, document, book, magazine, poster, your staff will be wearing it. It should ultimately reflect your personality be distinct to you, then eventually people will learn and understand the story behind it. It is normally a huge pressure, but our amazing team can make this an easy process. Find out more about that later on.

This is how effective branding can be… Without even having any text, you instantly know what property portal this belongs to.

updated logo rightmove

So how can we help you?

Here at Property Webmasters, we have been transforming estate agencies from across the globe in many ways. From creating new websites to digital marketing & of course graphic design. We offer unique real estate graphic design services for the whole property industry.

Our creative team has expanded with the view of offering more services to our clients than ever before. Are you looking for new business cards? Or need a brochure designed? Want a completely new logo? Property webmasters have all your graphic and print needs taken care of.

Take a look here at our portfolio of previous graphic design work.

We have a very thorough design process when it comes to this aspect. This is because we want to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with the work that we have produced. You can find out what our 8-step process is when delivering a new brand image.

  1. Meeting with the client
  2. Research
  3. Consult
  4. Sketch
  5. Three Concepts Produced
  6. Present
  7. Produce Changes Based on Feedback
  8. Delivery

If you are looking to refresh your brand then Contact us today!

If you want to see how effective a branding change can be, then you can see how Rightmove changed their old branding guidelines and adapted them for modern times. Then have a look here:

contact us button

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