Time to refresh your brand in 2016?

Time to refresh your brand in 2016?


At Property Webmasters, we aren’t just experts in building real estate websites. Branding and Graphic Design plays a big part in the work we carry out for clients around the world.

Why rebrand? Maybe their positioning has changed, and they are now offering different services to when they first started.

In our ten years of trading, the way agencies use their logo has changed dramatically. With digital media taking over, it is important that companies have a brand that stands out online as well as in a shop window. A dated logo may not represent your company values and leave you behind your competitors.

We have created an eight-step process to delivering a new brand:

1. Meeting with the client
When we first start working with a company on a branding project, where possible, we like to meet the client face-to-face. We feel this is a crucial stage where we learn more about the business and the project brief whilst also being a great opportunity for both parties to ask any questions. We have a series of questions we start each project with which can be completed online or at the initial meeting. When meeting’s aren’t possible we use phone calls and Skype to learn more.

2. Research
Once we are introduced, we will then carry out comprehensive research on the client, the type of real estate business they run and who the company’s competitors are. Establishing the target audience is key when undertaking any branding project.

3. Consult
It is important that we consult a wide range of groups including directors, staff, clients and others involved in the real estate industry. Learning more about what the client’s customers look for in a brand is important as they decide how the business is perceived. There are a number of ways we can do this including focus groups, one-to-one meetings, phone calls or online surveys.

4. Sketch
Once we have greater knowledge in what is needed for the project, our Design Director will discuss the brief with our design team. We will sketch through some ideas, deciding what will work well and what could be developed further.

5. Three concepts
Following the sketching process, we would work to begin designing the logo. We generally supply three concepts to the client, but if our creative team feel there are other versions that would suit the client we may supply more.

6. Present
Once the concepts are complete we would arrange a time to come in and meet with your team. We will present our concepts along with examples of how the branding will work on a range of mediums, including print and digital. Again, if this can’t be done in person, we would present online using a shared screen and video facility.

7. Revisions based on feedback

Following the branding presentation, there may need to be changes or adaptions to the artwork presented. This is often a slight colour change or the use of a different font. We would return the amended versions via email for sign off.

8. Deliver
Once the chosen artwork is signed off we would send over multiple file versions for use. Depending on the client, we often provide brand guidelines which allow you to educate your partners on how your new logo should be used.

Looking to refresh your brand? Contact us today!

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