Introducing Property Webmasters’ new brand image

Introducing Property Webmasters’ new brand image

As a company, we’ve seen positive global growth in the digital real estate world. Because of our expansion and the changes that are constantly happening to our industry, we wanted to make sure that we’re practicing what we preach. Our rebrand has been launched across social media with a brand-new website also in the pipeline as we believed that this was what was best for our business. This may not be the case for your estate agency, but for us, it was something that will help us promote ourselves as a highly regarded brand.

The new branding has come at a time for the business where we are going through a period of progression and expansion. Property Webmasters are currently growing their team and skillsets, and as a result, able to start developing their product scope to offer even more digital marketing solutions to clients, helping them become bigger and better than ever.

The ideas for the logo stemmed from a few concepts merged together. We wanted a simplistic yet bold design which could develop a strong brand through creating an identity for ourselves that can be recognised from simple colour and shape.

The triangles we’ve chosen resemble strength, positivity, and success, as well as our product offerings merging together and working collaboratively to deliver one powerful digital service. These are all elements we pride ourselves on and contribute to driving our clients in an upward direction, delivering successful results in increased website traffic, engagements, lead generation, and rankings.

Property Webmasters Graphic Designer, Jenny Watson said,

“We had the old logo for 12 years, and although it served us very well, the business has progressed and trends have moved on. We wanted the new logo to symbolise success for our clients and also to showcase our multiple services in an abstract and simplistic way.

We love the end result and we can’t wait to continue building on the new brand!”

The above logos show how Property Webmasters’ logo has evolved over time. By making some tweaks to the styling, colour, and fonts, we have been able to modernise our brand while also representing our core values.

To find out more on the importance of branding, why not check out our guide on “How to sell your brand online, not just your properties”

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