Property Webmasters Launch Affiliate Programme

Property Webmasters Launch Affiliate Programme

We have recently launched an affiliate programme that allows property professionals and other professionals that deal with estate agencies and realtors to generate a bit of extra income simply by making a referral to someone to use our services.

Why be an Affiliate?

  • Earn AT LEAST £100 per signup
  • Quick Payouts
  • Great Conversions
  • Special Affiliate Promotions

Who would make a great affiliate for Property Webmasters?

You might be an individual who:

  • Has a great network of property specialists
  • Is driven and passionate
  • Has a basic understanding of the web industry
  • Has experience in sales

You may be dealing with property professionals on a day to day basis, and you are keen to explore other opportunities to generate revenue, you can do this simply by making a referral.

Success storyOne of our private affiliates referred 15 new clients to us last month, which resulted in £1500 in commission last month alone. Not bad for sending a few emails, or making a few calls.

OR a company that:

  • Is exposed to a number of property professionals
  • Is keen to generate extra revenue in the property industry
  • Would like to expand their property network
  • Would like to offer more services to their clients

You may run a property portal that is keen to get more listings onboard, passing on a referral to Property Webmasters will result in you gaining commission for the referral and it will also result in you getting a new client feeding their listings to your portal.

You may be a solicitor or financial company who deals with estate agents, it could be so easy for you to speak with them about improving their web presence and overall marketing by letting them know you have teamed up with Property Webmasters, which will result in a paid commission for any converted leads.

Success StoryOne of our portal partners in the Caribbean has referred many clients onto us, they not only receive commission on this but they also receive live and integrated feeds for all agents property details direct to their portal website. Making them the largest property portal in the Caribbean.

Our Core Products

Here at Property Webmasters we offer a fantastic range of property marketing solutions to clients of all sizes all across the world. Our core product is website development, but we also have other property marketing solutions such as SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media Management, Newsletter Marketing, Property Networking and much much more.

If you think you could stand to gain from being an affiliate, please get in touch with us here and we will share more details with you.

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