Property Portals Are Losing Estate Agents
Saturday 22nd June 2019
Property Portals Are Losing Estate Agents

That’s right! According to Charlie Bryant (the big boss of Zoopla) “property portals no longer have a stronghold on agents’. That is a bold statement that brings a sigh of relief to the small agencies out there who have been struggling with the heavy fees from promoting yourself on the likes of Zoopla & Rightmove.

So why are property portals losing their oligopoly status? Again, a statement from Charlie Bryant discusses that things have changed in the recent years and digital marketing has allowed smaller agencies to fight for themselves, meaning that they can ‘service their customers including the use of Google & Facebook’.

This is very good news for those of you out there who are either wanting to get into the world of real estate or the existing agencies that think the only way to be successful is to be a featured on property portals.

Things are going to get emotional and inspirational right now… But you didn’t start or join an agency to blend into the crowd and let the big property portals take your distinct name and turn it into just another company on their site. You started it because you had ambition and a story you wanted to tell, create and share, you wanted those personal connections with your customers and to give them a reason to purchase their properties with you.

It may have been difficult in the past competing with them before as they have an astonishing budget and awareness that couldn’t be matched. But with the likes of Facebook and Google advertising, the ball is finally back in your court. You don’t need to spend £1000’s any more to get amazing results or to compete.

Our clients who are choosing us for Paid Facebook advert campaigns spend on average £250 a month with their budget and which can yield a significant impact on their marketing efforts and not only reach a lot of new customers, but also get them to take action (whether that be through visiting their site and viewing properties or becoming a lead by filling out an enquiry form). We have been able to generate leads for as little as £2.00 in some cases, with an average lead costing between £10-£15 which as you will know is exponentially cheaper than the costs of being on a property portal.

If you want to see what Property Webmasters can do for you then download our Social Media Package. We showcase all the services we provide you with and how we can tailor our approach to your estate agencies needs.

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