You Decided to Take Digital Marketing Seriously in 2022

You Decided to Take Digital Marketing Seriously in 2022

From your follow-up process to the overall campaign strategy and imagery, each part of the lead generation funnel is as equally important as the other. 

One phrase we hear often is ‘but the property sells itself’, now don’t get me wrong, this definitely stands for some truth although if 2 agencies receive the same lead but agency one has an instant automated follow-up and agency two doesn’t get notified on the lead till 2 hours later and fails to manual follow up, agency number 1 has already sent a brochure, had a video call and started to build a relationship. 

Monitoring the return on ad spend when there is no purchase made directly from the ads is tricky, this is why the relationship you have with your marketing team is paramount to maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns! From monthly catch-up calls, sales and lead quality reviews to the overall nurturing of the lead behind the scenes, this is what instructs a successful sale and pipeline. 

When speaking with one of our valued clients in Marbella at the start of the year, we did a deep dive into their leads and sales over the last year, with a total of £36,000 ad spend over both Paid Social and Search campaigns, this client generated over £360,000 in commissions in one year JUST from our Paid Marketing efforts. 

That’s a 10x Return on Investment! (including managed fees!)

The client has worked with us for just shy of 3 years and during this period we have been an integral part of their business, integrating and working hand in hand to get the best results possible! 

From New Off-plan Development launches to resales, brand awareness and retargeting campaigns, we have set up a full funnel of marketing campaigns to ensure we capture his target audience at all stages of their journey. 

Although they will admit it’s not always been easy going, we’ve dealt with the long-term effects of the Pandemic, a UK recession and multiple dips in the market. Each month we see fluctuations in the number of leads generated and CPL but one thing our client hasn’t seen in the last year is a slowdown in business, from nurturing the leads we generate they have a long-lasting pipeline of potential clients, all at different stages of their property purchasing journey. 

Due to their follow-ups and nurturing, they see him as the ONLY agent they want to deal with!

We know exactly what works best for them and through multiple A/B tests, trial and error and extensive research, we’ve been able to provide high-quality leads that have ultimately generated a 10x ROI in just 1 year. 

If you are interested in hearing more about this case study or are interested in seeing how our approach could work for your agency, leave your details here! > 

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