Nurture & manage lasting relationships with an effective CRM system

By Ellie Shaw
Nurture & manage lasting relationships with an effective CRM system

Customer Relationship Management is a great way to help your business analyse its interactions with past, current and future customers. A good CRM will allow you to keep track of your team’s approach to a particular client. You will be able to find out exactly who last contacted a potential lead, how they contacted them and what the result of the interaction was.

As an estate agent, it is very important for you to build relationships with your clients. Not every client will immediately be ready to purchase or sell with you and more often than not, they will need nurturing and communicating regularly until they are ready. Purchasing property is a huge investment, so customers need to be 100% confident and reassured that they are making a smart and educated decision. If there isn’t a strong relationship built, leads can turn cold and decide to use an estate agent who has provided a better service, so they should. An effective CRM can give you the data and tools needed in order to provide the best service and gain an edge over your competitors, who are likely not even using a CRM system, or not using it effectively.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software platform that allows companies to take an informed and strategic approach, when tracking customers that have shown interaction on your website. CRM is extremely helpful for most if not all businesses, especially estate agents. It offers a range of benefits such as:

Improved customer service: CRM allows you to store your client’s personal data. This could include age, email, phone number, social media accounts, birthdays, language and you can even view clients buying history. All of this stored data could allow you to create personalised campaigns. For example, if you decided to create a specific campaign in order to gain leads, you could look at your client’s personal information. This could be the likes of their email, buying history and recent searches or views on your site. If people are registered to your website in any way, you can track what they are searching. However, if someone isn’t registered you can still access recent property views, but the searches wouldn’t be set directly to anyone in particular. With this in mind, if you created an email campaign with featured properties, you could produce a list of emails associated with certain properties based on their search. This could make that client feel like you have gone that step further to think about them. Therefore, you are providing great personal customer service, and the customer relationship is being built.

Check out our blog that explains how you can fully utilise email marketing!

Enhanced communication: By using CRM, you can track yours and your customer’s time. You could track the likes of previous messages or attachments. By saving these, you could gain customisable letters, email templates, documents, newsletters, proposals, etc. These features will allow you to get in touch with your clients in an efficient and timely manner, which clients will see as a sign of professionalism. 

Reporting and analytical data: As previously mentioned, having access to saved data allows you to create personalised and specific campaigns. Breaking down data by categories and criteria will make creating focused lists extremely easy. However, as well as this, CRM allows you to analyse your sales process and lead pool. This would really help to improve analytical data and reporting. The better reporting you are able to make, the more educated and informed decisions you can make for your estate agents marketing strategy. This level of data would not be otherwise available without a high level CRM system. 

How Will This Benefit My Estate Agency?

Each of these benefits discussed will help estate agents improve their relationships with customers. CRM will help estate agents to not just organise aspects of their real estate processes such as: lead tracking and contact management, but to give you tools that handle incoming, previous and potential deals.

Knowing more about CRM and how it could benefit you, as an estate agent, why wouldn’t you want to fully utilise all of the great features it has to offer? It can overall make you more organised in regards to customer service, analytical data and reporting. As mentioned it’s also a fantastic way to enhance communication and create personalised campaigns which will inevitably build relationships with your clients. 

 If you need some advice and information on CRM’s, which CRM to go for, or how to fully utilise your existing CRM, get in touch with the experts.  You can contact us here!

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