Make Use of Local Images and Amenities

Make Use of Local Images and Amenities

With Real Estate, you’re not just selling a house, you also need to sell the local area and community, and to showcase the best that your area has to offer.

Familiar sites will encourage the potential buyer to feel positive about the property. Use high-quality photos of local town and popular landmarks. We would recommend that you take these photographs yourself, but if you are unable to do this, ensure that you have permission to use any 3rd party images as they may be copyrighted.

One of the most important selling points of a property is what is in the area. This can prove to be the key selling point for a number of reasons.

Think back to the conversations you’ve had with your clients. What do your clients ask about when looking for the ideal home? Do they usually have a preference for entertainment venues, green spaces, beaches, or do they prefer visiting parks, churches, restaurants etc?

Promote all the community has to offer, but be careful that you do not sound desperate for the sale, as this can be offputting. Clients want to know the value of the actual neighbourhood and its surrounding areas, so it is important that you cover all aspects, without sounding ‘spammy’. Take care to write compelling and positive text highlighting the benefits of the local amenities.

If your property is within close proximity of a supermarket, it is worth mentioning. The last thing people want is to have to travel a distance to get their daily/weekly groceries.

Is the property close to a local school? Promote this in your listing to encourage clients with children that this is the property they should consider strongly.

We would also encourage you to take panoramic shots of the surrounding landscape as these can be a real game changer. Take sweeping shots of the exterior of the property and also take photographs of local places of interest. Is the property situated close to a beach? If so, make sure you have a fantastic image to show the beautiful sands, beaches and sea.

Another resource to find local images is your local newspaper or magazine. You may have to pay a fee, so be sure to ask before you publish any on your site. If you happen to find an image online, we would advise that you contact them and ask permission to use the image.

Write a blog post around the image or amenity highlighting the benefits of the building/park/beach/school etc, and post it on your website. Alternatively combine all of the benefits into one blog post and write a compelling article showcasing all the key points and advantages from these amenities. Send this as a newsletter also to your subscribers.

Use Social Media and make sure you tag locations, companies and landmarks that are tied to the image. Use appropriate and relevant hashtags to make your post as visible as possible and encourage people to like and share.

As mentioned earlier, when trying to sell a property you need to bear in mind that you may also need to promote and highlight the key areas in the local and surrounding areas. By using high quality images and providing the client with the advantages you are ensuring that you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

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