Introducing our New Facebook Property Search Tool

Wednesday 14th February 2018
Introducing our New Facebook Property Search Tool

Social Media is a powerful platform that can be the pivotal point for a company’s success. People are actively looking at their favourite brands on social media everyday, to become better than the competition and gain more followers you must offer something new, such as our Facebook Property Search Tool.

There is more to social media than meets the eye. We have recently launched a new Facebook Search tool that allows your followers to search for properties right from your Facebook page!

View our Facebook Property Search Live Demo Here >>

So what is our new Facebook Property Search Tool?

Our new Facebook search feature is more than just an additional tool to search for properties, it optimises the user’s ability to search for properties quickly and more efficiently. Some of the top Benefits of our Facebook Search Tool are:

  1. It’s another avenue for generating leads
  2. Increases usage on your Facebook page
  3. Improves the exposure of properties
  4. Satisfies sellers/landlords with advanced marketing that other agents are not competing with

Want to know more? Check out our LIVE DEMO of our new Facebook feature HERE >>

Get more from Social Media

Did you know that there is so much more to Social Media than simply posting updates regularly? If utilised right you can find other ways of selling property online, try using Facebook live, following the right people and posting the right content.

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Why Facebook?

If you’re active on Facebook, you have probably noticed other companies creating competitions and posting useful information to get their posts shared, maybe you have done this yourself. Facebook is a great way to get your company noticed without users actively looking for you. Run a competition where users have to like and share your page to be entered to gain a bigger following and get your company noticed. This way, even if the person liking and sharing your posts is not interested in property at the moment, they may be in the future, or have a friend who is actively looking for property and will see your posts being shared.

Get more from Social Media

There are many free tools out there that can help you regularly keep up to date with your social media activity.

If you want to keep an eye on your competitors and follow who they are following on Twitter you should use a handy tool called Crowdfire. This handy website allows you to follow new people and see who has recently followed and unfollowed you. Very handy for estate agencies looking to gain a competitive advantage.

Don’t have time to post on social media every day? That’s not a problem, using Hootsuite will allow you to schedule up to 30 posts on 3 social media channels for free per month. If you aren’t confident using these tools or don’t have the time, check out our Digital Marketing Package to see how we can help your estate agency today.

If you are looking to sell properties on Facebook, why not make use of our handy Facebook Search Tool? It will make the process of selling property on Facebook more efficient and it looks more professional too. Contact us today for more information.

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