Introducing Mick, Our New Digital Marketing Executive

Introducing Mick, Our New Digital Marketing Executive

Hi there, I’m Mick, and I have just joined Property Webmasters as the new CEO (just kidding, but there’s always hope).  I am actually going to be a Digital Marketing Executive creating ad content for popular search engines. Below you will find some information about me and what I will be bringing to the company.


More about me

Having lived in Hartlepool all my life I have had no choice but to follow them as a football team.  I also (for no reason that I can figure out) am a Tottenham Hotspur fan and I am one of the people who is waiting to purchase Fifa on the day of its release every year.  Although there’s hardly anything different to the game.

I enjoy going to the pub quizzes and socialising where I have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. (although I am the first to admit that I am no Judith Keppel – I’m more of a Major Charles Ingram).  I was at Butlins last year for a 90’s weekend watching the Vengaboys. It was fantastic 🙂 

I also have a chihuahua called Benji, who certainly is the boss.  I also enjoy listening to Podcasts and reading a decent book or watching a documentary.  

How I got into Marketing

After working in call centres for many years I had the opportunity to become a Marketing and PPC analyst in an e-commerce company where I was employed for over 6 years.  During this time I became an important member of the team and developed my skills and attributes and obtained certificates of Excellence from Google and Bing. As time progressed I expanded my knowledge into SEO and CRO helping me understand the importance and relationship they all have with each other.

My role

With several years of experience and knowledge, I will be joining the team to provide Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies.  This will complement SEO and will help drive additional traffic to the website. 

I’ll be ensuring the company is as visible as possible on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube etc) and look for future methods and techniques to further improve the company and take it into the new decade with additional confidence and determination to succeed.

I will be drawing upon my analytical experience to ensure websites receive the best quality traffic and online presence possible.


Side Note: I can complete a Rubik’s cube in around 2 minutes…It’s easy if you watch YouTube 🙂



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