Introducing Faye, Our New Senior Growth Consultant

By Millie Taylor
Introducing Faye, Our New Senior Growth Consultant

Hello, my name is Faye Timney. I am pleased to introduce myself as Property Webmasters new Senior Growth Consultant. I am really looking forward to getting established within my role, developing my skills and growing with the business which is already a huge success.

I am 32 years old and I live in County Durham with my fiance Liam and our four-year-old daughter Beaux. She is a bite-size version of me but with a lot more sass. The three of us are best friends. I am originally from Newcastle and have lived there most of my life, I will be the only geordie in the Hartlepool office which I’m sure will be interesting at times.

My career has predominantly been in utility sales for the last 6 years and having worked for two large consultancies. I have many transferable skills which have enabled me to successfully cover many different roles within the sales process including lead generation, full account management and working with established corporate partners to build on relationships and drive more revenue.

When I was a teenager I wanted a career in the army, I joined the army cadets to gain some basic regimental skills. As I got older I changed my mind after discovering heels, handbags and mascara. All of which are definitely frowned upon in the forces. I can, however, strip, clean and reassemble a L98A2 GP Rifle and have a marksman qualification. I am also a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. 

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