How to Use Lead Magnets to Capture Email Addresses

By Millie Taylor
How to Use Lead Magnets to Capture Email Addresses

Does your site receive a large amount of traffic a week? Are you utilising this and seeing the right amount of return on investment?

It is known that more than 95% of first-time visitors to your site won’t enquire, whether this is because they are still in the research phase or that they are not entirely sure about your business, either way, it is vital that you develop a relationship with your database that creates confidence in your business and what you have to offer.

Let’s say you’re getting a 1000 web visitors a week but none of them are currently ready to take the leap and invest in your services but they are willing to give you their email address. By creating an engaging lead magnet, you are not only attracting potential clients but you are also growing your mailing list. As a result, this will funnel the quality of leads/enquiries you receive as they have already shown a direct interest in your services. There are then a variety of ways that you can then utilise the database you have created from your lead magnet to build a relationship and nurture those customers.

What are Lead Magnets?

Lead Magnets are a way of offering a free incentive to solve a customer’s problem in exchange for an email address. One way estate agents can do this is by offering a document containing information to a commonly asked question or access or even a document containing tips and tricks to a quick sale. Although one key factor to keep in mind is quality, not only do you want your service/product you are offering to come across as high quality but you want to ensure that the people who are providing you with their email address are genuinely interested in your products and services. The more work you put into making sure your lead magnet engaging and attractive the higher quality leads you will receive. There are no shortcuts…

(example of a lead magnet)

As an essential way to not only develop your email lists but to develop customer relations, when creating the content for your lead magnet, it is important to ensure you are being specific in what you are offering and what your main goal is overall, usually being to solve your customer’s problem. If you don’t include how you are going to solve the problem your customer came to you for, then they are more than likely not going to complete the form.

How to utilise your mailing list

Being one of the most traditional and overlooked forms of Digital Marketing, Email Marketing is one of the most top-performing channels, with over 3.9 billion email users worldwide, which is over 50% of the population. If you are not taking advantage of email marketing you could be potentially missing out on the opportunity to easily attract high-quality leads and evolve your business.

As well as funnelling your customer base by collecting an email database of high intent customers, lead magnets also enable you to create tailored campaigns to your audience that will help encourage and engage those potential customers. Not only does this option help you build a strong relationship with your customers but it enables you to reintroduce your services and what you offer in comparison to competitors. Although email marketing is an extremely effective tool in itself, you can also utilise the database you have created via the lead magnet to create an audience on other platforms. A key example of this would be Facebook Paid Social campaigns.

Facebook Paid Social Ads

Facebook Ads are not only a great way of directing new audiences to your site but they can also be utilised to re-engage an audience from your database.

When creating a Facebook ad you have the option of creating an audience based on a customer list, by doing this you can target an ad directly to those people in your database. Facebook matches their email addresses to a user and shows the ad directly to them, this is a great way of engaging with your database audience directly on a platform other than email. By using a database audience, you are also more than likely to see a high return on investment and a low cost per result, as the audience you are directing your ad to have already previously engaged and shown an interest in your business.

As well as targeting your database audience directly, you can also create a lookalike audience based on the interests and searches of your database audience. Through the use of lookalike audiences, you can bring in new customers based on those already in your database, this means that the leads/landing page views you generate should be of higher intent and quality. Once you have gained leads/new users you can also add those into your database and this will continue to help you grow your audience.

Long Term Benefits of Nurturing Your Database

Although your goal of creating a high intent database might be complete, it is important that after you have made your first point of call you keep a consistent relationship and nurture your database. Nurturing your database enables you to retain your customers and earn their trust and if done successfully can also lead to better conversations and drive traffic to your site. 

As a result of creating a long term relationship with your database, it will continuously add value to it over time, this will not only benefit you in the short term, as customers are more likely to be responsive when they first sign up, but if done correctly, over time you will build a relationship with your customers that will develop their trust and confidence in your services and ultimately lead them to buy your products/services. It is also known that businesses that use greater lead nurturing strategies generate 50% more sales than their competition at 33% lower cost per lead. 

We can also link this with the marketing rule of 7, the more interactions you make with your database the higher chance you will have of them becoming a client, as not everyone you make contact with will want to make a purchase straight away. With this in mind, you can take full advantage of utilising lead magnets to gain a strong database as you are then able to nurture and send relevant content to them on a range of platforms that will engage and keep them up to date with what you offer until they decide to take the leap. 

Key Points 

  • Utilise your Lead Magnets – 95% of your website visitors aren’t going to buy anything the first time around, so you need to make sure your lead magnet is engaging and you get your point across! Not only will this attract high intent leads but you will also grow and build your email database.
  • Nurture your database – Once you have a database of email addresses it is important to build a relationship with them to ensure you retain their custom and build trust over time. If done successfully someone that gave you their email address over a year ago could then decide that its the right time to get in touch.
  • Utilise your Mailing list – Don’t settle for one form of engagement, utilise your database and maximise the return of investment you are getting from your lead magnet. Create audiences on other platforms from your database and expand your reach. 

If you are now wondering where to start, get in touch with us today! We can not only provide advice on how to get your agency ahead of the competition but we can help you maximise your marketing efforts for the best ROI.

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