How to Succeed in Dubai Real Estate

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How to Succeed in Dubai Real Estate

For real estate agents, there are many things to consider when investing in property, whether that’s in Dubai or elsewhere in the world. Working with the right people and creating an impressive online presence is essential to successfully sell property within the UAE.

Here are some key concepts to consider if you are a real estate agent selling property in Dubai.

Know your audience

Knowing who you are selling to is a great start, when doing business in Dubai, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

A typical working week is Sunday to Thursday rather than our Monday to Friday. Also because of the high temperatures in Dubai, working hours can vary from 8am to 1pm then continue from 4pm until 7pm. Knowing your audience will help you to target buyers at optimal times on the best days.

Follow the laws

It’s important to be aware of all property laws in Dubai, there’s nothing worse than getting your property investment in place to find out that a certain law may be stopping you to move forward just because you didn’t know about it.

Look for advice on government websites about property laws in the UAE, one important thing you will need to obtain is a ‘property holders visa’ which allows foreign investors to stay in the UAE for up to 6 months. Be sure to follow any recent changes in the property industry, you can keep up to date with changes on UAE forums and newspapers.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of investing in Dubai property, some of which include:

  • It’s growing economy

When you invest in property, you’re investing in the country’s economy. Dubai has been rich in oil and its city continues to improve year on year. Since 2010 it was one of the top five ranked fastest growing economies in the world, certainly a top country to invest property in.

  • No Tax

Dubai has no property tax and no income tax, this is because the UAE has earned its revenue through the oil industry, this will make it cheaper and easier to buy and sell property in Dubai compared to other desired countries.

  • Security

Security is of high importance in Dubai, illegal activity is unheard of. This gives peace of mind when buying and selling property, knowing everything is safe and secure while receiving the best return on investment.

  • More for your money

Even though prices for properties aren’t cheap, you can expect five star quality developments in Dubai. Because Dubai is constantly growing as the city develops and improves, everything is new, there is no need to renovate old rundown property and compared to cities such as London and New York, you will receive a lot more for your money.

Generate more leads

You will need a professional responsive website that will generate leads to succeed in the UAE. Knowing your audience, the benefits and the laws of Dubai are just the start. Creating an online presence will enable any real estate agent to target a wider audience.

We are experienced in the Dubai Property industry and provide expert website designs tailored to selling properties in the UAE. If you are looking for a professional affordable website or property portal, contact us today for a free website mockup.

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