How to secure your website with HTTPS

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How to secure your website with HTTPS

If you need to upgrade your website; whether that’s for security reasons, to gain an SEO advantage or both, then you need to think about updating your website security by obtaining an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). This will add a secure padlock and add HTTPS to the start of your website address, showing visitors that your website is secure.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, with the ‘S’ standing for ‘secure’. This means that your data and identification between your browser and the website you visit is secured by an encryption.

To find out if you are on an encrypted website check the website address in the search bar. If the website has an SSL certificate, you will see https://www before the website name, as well as a picture of a padlock and the word Secure.

How do you get it?

To gain an encrypted HTTPS website you will need to obtain an SSL certificate. This is another protocol that works simultaneously with HTTPS that ensures information is communicated safely.

To get an SSL certificate on your website, all you need to do is:

  • Dedicate an IP address from your website hosting company
  • Buy an SSL certificate
  • Activate the certificate
  • Install the certificate
  • Update your website to use HTTPS

The price of an SSL certificate will vary depending upon the level of security you want on your site. If you store sensitive customer data, it will be better to buy a better SSL certificate rather than getting a free, less secured one. If you are looking for more advice on how to buy an SSL certificate, contact us today.

SEO Benefit

Updating your website can bring some benefit to a website’s search engine rankings. Google strives to give a user the best experience possible. For example, if there are two websites that are similar but one is HTTP and the other is HTTPS, Google will favour the HTTPS website more because of the security benefit.

HTTPS will make your website more secure and Google is taking serious notice of the benefits it can bring to a website. Are you looking to get an SSL certificate on your site? Contact us today and we will get your website secure in no time.

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