How to Get more Valuations for your Estate Agency

By James Sheldon
How to Get more Valuations for your Estate Agency

How to get more valuations is often a question we get asked at Property Webmasters as industry leading marketing experts. It is a huge aspect to successfully running an estate agency and often one of the most challenging. 

Real Estate markets are becoming increasingly competitive and it’s now more challenging than ever to get ahead of your competition. Digital marketing has become an essential part of real estate marketing strategies as over 92% of the market are now online and searching for property on the web. 

Estate Agencies need to be investing a lot more money into their marketing that they know works well. One of the biggest failings of many property businesses is that even when something is working, they are simply not throwing enough money and resources at developing the marketing strategies that have already shown to be a success for them.

We have pulled together some pointers that will help you to think about what services you should consider when looking to drive more valuations and instructions for your estate agency. 

Social Media and Facebook Ads

With now over 72% of people now actively using social media there is no denying this is a powerful marketing tool and there is a high chance a good chunk of your target market is on there. The advantage of Facebook Ads, as is with most paid advertising is how you can target. As Facebook is a social platform it has the power to target people according to the specific criteria you set making it a very effective solution. 

Targeting based on specific behaviours can increase the chances of your ads generating positive results and stop them being wasted on people who would more than likely not care. 

Paid Search & Google Ads

PPC is a highly engaging way to promote your Estate Agent Business, valuations and drive traffic to your website.  PPC adverts show in search results and you only pay when someone clicks on the link to go to the website. You also have full control over how much you are willing to spend and can set budgets to ensure you do not overspend.

Google Ads and PPC is probably one of the best ways to attract new valuations to your business as you are targeting based on keyword criteria and what people are actually searching for on Google. 

75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they are searching for on a website or search engine. One-third of people (33%) click on a paid search ad because it directly answers their search query (Search Engine Land, 2019)

Email Marketing

Do you have a large customer database that you aren’t currently utilising? Email Marketing is underrated as a marketing tool by many Real Estate businesses who don’t utilise their large customer databases that are a gold mine for marketing and remarketing, as these customers are already aware of you, so more likely to use you than someone who hasn’t heard of you before. 

Launching email campaigns around encouraging past clients to use you again for valuations in the future, or perhaps a referral campaign to get buyers and sellers to pass your details onto friends and family based on the quality of service they have received. 

Over 95% of people check their emails daily, and that shouldn’t go a miss. Email is a fantastic medium for capturing and engaging existing and past customers for potential valuation opportunities.

Get yourself out there – Events, Awards, Sponsorships and Networking

One thing that never fails to lose its touch with traditional marketing is getting out there and being amongst people. Sponsor events with your branding, enter awards, attending networking events and expos. Anyway you can get your branding out in the real world is great for brand awareness and getting out and speaking to people about what you do is even better.

Once people are aware of your brand and what you do, they are much more likely to associate, or think of you in the first instance when it comes to looking for property valuations in the future. This is invaluable to estate agencies as not only is your brand getting recognised, but you’re building a positive rapport in the process.

Referral Marketing

Encouraging your existing customers and clients to refer you onto their friends and family is a vital part of driving more valuations for your business. 83% of people trust recommendations from people they know, over any other form of marketing and advertising. 

There are two things you should focus on here – the first is ensuring any vendors that have used your service are referring you onto other people they know. The second is making sure that past buyers that have purchased through your agency come back to you if they are ever looking to sell. Why not put together a referral program for customers? This could be done through email marketing and contacting customers at the end of their buying / selling process with you, 

Are you looking to get more valuations for your estate agency? 

Grow your digital presence, attract the right people and drive valuations to your estate agency with our specially tailored digital marketing packages. At Property Webmasters we offer Marketing services to cover all your needs but can specifically target any marketing campaigns to ensure you see results where you want to see them. 

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts and find out more about the marketing services we offer and how they can drive valuations to your estate agency. If your website could do with work, then we could give you advice with that too! Find out how your branding, imagery and colour scheme could look on a new AgentPlus website solution from us here at Property Webmasters, how about you take up the opportunity to receive a free website mock-up? Give us 48 hours and we will return you a fully functioning mock-up for you to take a look at, with all of your assets. Find out more here!

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