Features your Estate Agency Website needs to Succeed

Friday 19th January 2018
Features your Estate Agency Website needs to Succeed

As an estate agency you are looking to generate more leads by creating brand awareness and promoting the property services that you offer. Being an expert in the property industry, you know that getting noticed online is key to become more successful.

If your website doesn’t offer the best user experience, you might as well hand them to your competitors. Put yourself in your clients shoes, if they visit your website, what do they expect to see? Users who are searching for a property expect estate agent websites to offer an easy way to search for properties, your latest featured properties or even a link to any service offers.

Make sure that your estate agency website is on the right track by offering these essential features:

Search for properties

You know that the majority of users visiting your website will be looking at property. Ensure that you have a property search tool at the top of your property page, this will make a potential buyer stick around to see what you have to offer. If your website doesn’t offer a search tool, how will the user be able to find what they are looking for? Alternatively, if your property search tool is difficult to find and use, why? To get the optimal user experience it’s important to help people find exactly what they want, with the least amount of clicks.

Featured Properties

Showcase your best properties, if a property stands out to you then it will stand out to others too. Do this by placing featured properties on your homepage where everyone can see. If someone visits your website to find their next home and their dream home is featured on your homepage, this could lead to a quick enquiry without the user even having to search. This also creates urgency as if this is the first property that they have seen, it will also be the first property that others see, so the user will realise that they need to act quickly to avoid the property being snapped up.

Offering featured properties gives an estate agent more control of what properties their users will see, and possibly enquire about first.

Call To Actions

Adding call to actions to your website is an essential tool for directing people to offers or special services you want to promote. Call to actions are prompts of suggesting that the user takes action. They also remind the user that you are there and ready to answer any of their queries. Call to Actions are an easy way for users to contact you, if an enquiry form pops up to the user, this means that they don’t have to look around your website for contact details, which they may never do.

Web Design CTA

Advanced package

Did you know that with Property Webmasters Advanced Website Package you can receive everything an estate agency website needs and more?!

Other top features our estate agent website design packages include are:

Property Alerts

If your website offers property alerts this allows a potential buyer to submit their information to later receive any updates about a property that has become for sale in their desired area. This feature is highly beneficial for the user and the estate agency for multiple reasons. An estate agency can build up a reputable ‘client’ database to later target the right audience about specific properties or services they may be interested in and this tool allows a user to save time continuously searching for the right property.

Property Shortlist

Adding a property shortlist feature to your website promotes returning visitors and takes the hassle out of finding a liked property again.

Draw map

This allows a user to draw a specific location on a map to narrow down what properties are available in that specific area. This has become a highly sought after affordable estate agent website feature as it allows buyers to find a property exactly where they want!

Are you looking for a new estate agent website design to help you generate more leads?

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