Facebook Marketing Updates In 2019 & Onwards

Facebook Marketing Updates In 2019 & Onwards

Facebook’s Newest Marketing Updates 2019

Facebook is a forever changing online world that likes to spice things up every now and then to keep marketers on their toes. What this means is that what worked last month could significantly lose its star power quality and become a lacklustre & unsuccessful piece of work.

Facebook stated that they have seen a large growth in users across their platforms. Which in turn means they’ve seen an even more notable increase in advertising revenue (because everyone wants their own piece of the pie, right?).

With an 8% increase in users, this quarter compared to Q1 2018, with a massive 26% increase in year-over-year advertising revenue. Mobile advertising, in particular, grew, increasing from 91% of the total advertising revenue to 93%. This shows how businesses, companies in every industry & sector are beginning to understand the marketing prowess of Facebook marketing and are willing to increase their budgets and switch over from other outlets such as PPC and invest their money here.

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New Business Tools for Facebook Messenger

Facebook is equipping businesses with more tools to capture more leads. They are introducing appointment booking features, lead generation templates & easier authentication making it great for brands to offer accurate customer service which can increase lead conversions or sending people down the sales funnel.

This one is critical for estate agencies to take advantage of. A direct message is a qualified lead and should be treated as such, there is no difference between someone emailing you enquiring about a property and someone messaging on Facebook asking the same question. A lot of estate agencies are missing out on countless leads because they are ignoring their inbox.

People can even directly add their appointments to their calendar on their phone making the likelihood of them following through with it increase.

2 Significant Facebook Algorithm Changes in May 2019

The first prioritizes friends that the individual user is most likely to want to hear from (based on past engagement).
This one focuses on increasing visibility to the links that the user might find most valuable. (This is the one that is particularly important for estate agencies)

Facebook Interface Updates

Facebook has also decided to update its interface for both mobile and desktop devices, they are making Facebook stories a prominent figure on everyone’s feed, especially group content.

How could this work for an estate agency?

Let’s create a scenario, say you are selling property across the Costa del Sol region. You could create a group that educates and engages with the community in the local areas. Posts stories from different properties in the area, show yourself going to the beach near the properties, or anything you think is worth showing them.

Encourage them to ask you questions or think of fun ways to post information or calls to action. Located 5 minutes from a hotspot restaurant, show them the journey. Anything that invokes emotion and shows character and personality to the area. Your customers are essentially changing their home town, where they know a lot of people, they know where they can go eat, shop & enjoy themselves. It’s your job to educate them and show them that this can be their new home with all these fun things to do, eat & visit.

Facebook Video Ranking Updates

Facebook has recently been in huge favour of video creation and highly encourages video content to be made. They are still keeping it at the forefront but are now focusing on three major factors that will make your content a priority.

Loyalty & Intent: If people are watching your videos consistently that will gain priority in their feeds every time you post a video, making it crucial to create a series of weekly videos for your customers to watch.
Viewing Duration: The longer people watch your videos for the higher your ranking will become, increasing the number of people that can see your content. The magic milestone is keeping people for a minute, so make sure to keep your videos informative & fun to keep their attention for longer.
Originality: Redistribution will no longer work as effectively, so if you keep reposting or resharing external content it will receive a limited distribution. Focus on producing original content such as showing people around your properties and telling them unique features, and what you personally like. Or even showing them about the buy/rent process.

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