What should Estate Agents Blog about in 2018?

Wednesday 17th January 2018
What should Estate Agents Blog about in 2018?

Blog posts are a highly effective way of gaining website traffic. If you write about something which interests the user, they will keep coming back for more. As an Estate Agent, writing frequent blog posts can be hard work and time consuming, simply thinking of what will interest the user can be the hardest part.

Have you ever found yourself thinking of writing a post, but struggle to choose the right topic?

Check out these blog post ideas which will make your website the ‘go to place’ for all property queries:

The Local Area

Home buyers can stay away from viewing properties in a certain area as they simply don’t know anything about it. Creating an article about the local area will answer any uncertainties and provide your clients with the most up to date useful information, helping them make a decision on whether the area is right for them. In ‘The Local Area’ article you should include amenities, distance to transport links, where the nearest schools are located, nearby attractions, history of the area and the cost of living. So, what if you don’t sell locally? If you cover a large area or even sell globally, you can still write a post on a certain location, choose an area where you have the most properties for sale at the moment or where you have properties for sale but have not sold in a while to generate more interest.

Tips on how to sell your home

A property seller wants to sell their home quickly, so give them your professional advice and top tips on how they can sell with ease. You can do this by writing a post on ‘Top tips for selling a home’. If you share as much useful information as possible on how to sell property the right way it will not only help your clients but show that you are experts which will generate more leads.

Did you know that on average it will take 5-6 months to sell a house in the UK.

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Mortgage Tips

Mortgages can be daunting and confusing, especially for first time buyers who are not familiar with the process. Many people will search for mortgage advice and tips online, so writing a ‘What you need to know about mortgages’ article will give your target audience exactly what they are looking for. Research FAQs about mortgages and include answers in your article, providing the most recent and useful information will ensure that people come to you for mortgage advice rather than your competitors.

Attend Events

If you have recently attended any local or Property events, don’t forget to blog about it. Share new information about the property industry that your clients will want to know or write an article about your experience of the event. Attending events and sharing information shows that you are keen to keep up to date with the property industry and to share this knowledge with your clients. If you haven’t attended any events but have been updated with some new property legislation which affects your clients, write an article about it, includes all necessary information. If you begin to share your experiences your existing and potential clients will know that you are the ‘Go to website’ for any of their property related queries.

Blogging is a great way to keep users engaged. If published frequently, users will know that they should visit your website on a regular basis for your next post. If you don’t have the time to keep your blog up to date then Property Webmasters can help, we can write and post your articles ensuring that they are fully optimised along the way. Contact us today for more info.

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