What Should Estate Agents Blog about in 2018?

What Should Estate Agents Blog about in 2018?

So, you have a newly built website and are now looking for ways to keep users engaged. You regularly update property listings but know there’s something missing on your website. You think to yourself, If I was looking for property what would keep me visiting the same website?

Blog posts are a highly effective way of gaining website traffic. If you write about something that interests the user, they will keep coming back for more. As an estate agent, writing frequent blog posts can be hard work and time consuming. Simply thinking of what will interest the user can be the hardest part.

You are an expert in property, use this knowledge to your advantage by sharing your very own top tips in your very own blog. Check out these blog post ideas which will make your website the ‘go-to place’ for all property queries:

The Local Area

Make your website the one-stop place local people will visit. If you’re a local estate agent chances are, your local clients will want to know what’s going on in your area. Don’t let them guess, tell them! Write a blog post about the latest local property stats or even what’s going on in your community.

When someone is considering buying a new home, knowing what the local area offers can be a crucial deciding factor. Home buyers may stay away from viewing properties in a certain area as they simply don’t know anything about it. Creating an article about the local area will answer any uncertainties and provide your clients with the most up-to-date, useful information, helping them make a decision on whether the area is right for them. In ‘The Local Area’ article you could include amenities, distance to transport links, where the nearest schools are located, nearby attractions, history of the area and the cost of living.

But what happens if you don’t sell locally? If you cover a large area or even sell globally, you can still write a post on a certain location. Choose an area where you have the most properties for sale at the moment or where you have properties for sale but have not sold in a while to generate more interest.

Mortgage Tips

Mortgages can be daunting and confusing, especially for first-time buyers who are not familiar with the process. Many people will search for mortgage advice and tips online, so writing a ‘What you need to know about mortgages’ article will give your target audience exactly what they are looking for. Research FAQ’s about mortgages and include answers in your article, providing the most recent and useful information will ensure that people come to you for mortgage advice rather than your competitors.

Buying a home is a long-term investment and for the majority of buyers, the most expensive purchase they will make, so it’s important to get a mortgage that is affordable. Being an estate agent, you will most likely know a great deal about mortgages, you might even offer a mortgage service with a handy online mortgage calculator. It’s very likely that your website visitors will want mortgage advice, so why not give them it?

Did you know that the word mortgage comes from a French word meaning ‘dead pledge’?

How to Buy a House

So you sell property every day, why don’t you share some of your wisdom too? Give the reader what they want and share tips on how to buy a house. This will give potential home buyers further advice, which they may have otherwise overlooked.

Other tips to share about buying a house could include how to get finances in place, what to look for when viewing a property and how to budget effectively to cover any extra costs.

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Tips on How to Sell Your Home

A property seller wants to sell their home quickly, so give them your professional advice and top tips on how they can sell with ease. You can do this by writing a post on ‘Top tips for selling a home’. If you share as much useful information as possible on how to sell property the right way, it will not only help your clients but show that you are experts, which will generate more leads.

Did you know that on average it will take 5-6 months to sell a house in the UK?

Tips on Moving House

Not only can you give an opinion, you can give professional advice about what to do when moving house. Who better to give advice about moving than an experienced estate agent that sells properties on a daily basis? Talk to others in the property industry and quote their professional advice in your post, this will show readers that your information is from reliable sources.

Attend Events

If you have recently attended any local property events, don’t forget to blog about it. Share new information about the property industry that your clients will want to know or write an article about your experience of the event. Attending events and sharing information shows that you are keen to keep up to date with the property industry and to share this knowledge with your clients. If you haven’t attended any events but have been updated with some new property legislation which affects your clients, write an article about it, including all necessary information. If you begin to share your experiences, your existing and potential clients will know that you are the ‘go-to website’ for any of their property-related queries.

Success Stories

A blog doesn’t just have to be about property-related topics. It gives you the chance to tell people why you are the best of the best. Won a local award? Don’t just share it on social media, write an article about it. This will generate brand awareness and show potential clients how successful you really are. Sold a property that the owner struggled to sell? Spread the word, it shows clients that you are able to get results.

Your Property Listings

A website article can be about the best properties for sale this month, an open house event or even the latest price reductions. At least once a month you should write an article about these latest offers and events, include links to more information about these properties or upcoming events in case anyone would like more information.

In the property industry, there is so much to talk about. Writing fresh blog articles on a regular basis will show search engines that you are the best (which will improve your ranking) and it will show existing and potential clients that you are the best at what you do. Not got time to write a blog post every week? That’s not a problem, as part of our affordable digital marketing package we will write, optimise and publish articles for you. Contact us today for more digital marketing tips, or request a FREE digital analysis.

Download our cheat sheet for writing the perfect estate agency blog post today to gain more tips on how to generate high-quality content for your website.


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