Estate Agent Lead Generation

By James Sheldon
Estate Agent Lead Generation

Lead generation is a vital part of growing and developing any business to bring in new customers. For Estate Agent’s this is essential as not only do you rely on leads to bring in properties to sell, but you also rely on bringing in buyer leads to purchase the properties advertised. 

The web is a gold mine for estate agency lead generation these days and should be at the forefront of any real estate marketing plan to drive the right customers to your website and property listings. Not only are 92% of property buyers now performing their property searches online, but every year, this number is increasing. This now means ensuring your properties and brand are visible online is essential to generating new leads.

There are some key questions you should be asking yourself when developing a marketing strategy for your real estate agency and looking to drive new leads into your website:

What is your end goal? 

Making sure you have a good idea of exactly what areas need an extra push in the business is vital to driving leads to achieve your end goals. What kind of leads do you want to drive into your business? Are there any particular areas you’d like to focus on driving leads to, such as, people selling property? 

Once you have a clear end goal in mind for your lead generation this will help you sculpt your strategy to drive the right leads to your website. There are lots of options for driving new leads, but some of the most effective ways in 2020 are through Pay Per Click (PPC) and Paid Social Campaigns.

What is your budget?

Assigning budget to your lead generation campaigns can be challenging – It’s important you think realistically about how much budget you’ve got to invest.  But, remember, the more budget you assign, the more results you get in return. Often people can make the mistake of being too frugal when it comes to assigning budget to marketing campaigns in fear they won’t get anything back. However, by not assigning enough budget to a campaign you can set yourself up to fail and you won’t generate results, often leaving a bitter taste.

We recommend when running any kind of PPC or Social Paid Campaigns that assigning a minimum budget of around £200 ad spend is realistic for achieving good results and a return on investment. As long as you have a clear focus and end goal, It’s important to communicate this in your campaigns to attract the right leads in. 

Who do you want to target?

Depending on the nature of your estate agency, you may want to target people specifically based on their circumstances. If you are selling high end or luxury property then tailoring an audience to suit might involve targeting people who are business owners or in high end roles, or working within particular industries.

LinkedIn and Facebook Paid Adverts both offer advanced targeting tools and techniques which help you to refine your audience through several different factors helping you reach the right people. Facebook Pixel is also a great tool to identify any existing audiences that are using your website in order to automatically target these demographics in the future.

What is your target location?

Knowing which areas you want to target bringing leads from is key to a successful campaign. Sometimes the target location for leads may not be the same as the location of the properties you have for sale. For example, you might be selling properties in Spain, but targeting buyers in the UK. With this in mind you should think about what areas best to target, or if you are particularly looking to target sellers, which areas or countries would you be looking to advertise property in. 

If you aren’t sure – take a look at your existing or past customers, where have they been based? Also take a look at who your competitors are targeting – is this the same market you are trying to reach? Once you have a clear idea on this, again, you can use this to narrow down and tailor your campaigns to fit the perfect audience through PPC and Paid Social campaigns. 

Who are your competitors?

Having a good awareness of who your competitors are, where they are based and what marketing activities they are carrying out is a great way to ensure you are ahead of the game. If you can establish this, then it gives you a great base to develop your own unique selling points, marketing strategies and target differently to make yourself stand out from the competition. 

Using unique selling points in your marketing such as your advertising campaigns, email marketing and creating content around these, you put yourself in a great position to attract leads based on what you have to offer.

Not only this, but having a good understanding of your competitors will help you pitch against them when it comes to speaking with the leads you attract about the services you offer and how you differ from the competition. 

Is your Estate Agency looking to generate more leads? 

Grow your digital presence, attract the right people and increase your traffic and leads with our specially tailored digital marketing packages. At Property Webmasters we offer Marketing services to cover all your needs but can specifically target any marketing campaigns, using PPC or Social Media to ensure you can drive the right traffic and generate leads for your business. 

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts and find out more about the web design and marketing services we offer. 

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