Estate Agency Training with Property Webmasters

Estate Agency Training with Property Webmasters

Here at Property Webmasters we value how our clients present themselves when going about their day to day job, we understand that a first impression can make a huge difference when looking to attract new clients as well as when representing your clients properties.

The team here are always thinking of ways that we can introduce new services for our clients at an affordable cost, services that WILL help with their efforts and contribute to our clients growth. Whilst analysing various opportunities we started to think about the teams behind our estate agency clients….

  • How do they represent themselves?
  • Are they approachable?
  • Are they representing the company as they should be?
  • Could they be doing better?
  • Are they doing anything wrong?
  • and so on.

After speaking with a handful of our clients it came to our attention that they simply did not know how their employees were representing their companies, and in some cases they did not know of the exact processes conducted by their employees, and in most cases they did not ask for feedback from their clients on how they had performed.

The responsibility of an estate agent is HUGE! You present peoples most valuable asset and if you don’t do this correctly then what is the difference between one of your employees presenting a property or the owner of the property presenting it themselves. We are seeing a rise in the use of online estate agencies, where the owner of the property shows the property, which means that YOU as an estate agent need to show them why this is not the best way to showcase their property. If you want to survive in this marketplace you MUST train your staff to a level that sets you aside from online estate agencies. If you communicate effectively, present yourself in a professional manner, respond to clients efficiently and plan accordingly then prospective sellers and landlords will use your services over the online estate agents despite the difference in costs. How you engage with prospective buyers or tenants will make that difference to the deal going through efficiently.

To help our clients we have recently teamed up with a specialist company that provides effective communication training to estate agents on a global scale. The course will help you and your employees:

  • Effective use of voice: pacing, pausing, rhythm and intonation,
  • Non-verbal communication,
  • Using humour and anecdote,
  • Managing questions and interruptions,
  • Projecting confidence and authority,
  • Greater confidence when speaking,
  • New techniques to enhance your existing skills,
  • The ability to interpret and engage with your clients,
  • The opportunity to practice and assess your current strengths and skills.

We have special offers available on these services throughout 2017, to all estate agents.

If you would like to know more about this then please contact us and we will explain all!

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