How to Enhance your Estate Agency Website

How to Enhance your Estate Agency Website

A new website with Property Webmasters is guaranteed to generate your Estate Agency more leads. But can you ever have too much business? We don’t think so! Become the best Estate Agency by improving your online presence even further with added extras.

Don’t have a website with Property Webmasters? No problem. It’s not always about investing in a brand new website for your business to generate more leads, sometimes minor changes to your current website can bring major results. If you are already happy with your website, we can still help you boost your online presence and start generating more leads.

Here are some top ways your agency website must be improved in order to keep ahead of the competition:

Location Based Landing Pages

Location based landing pages are a great way to target a specific area you operate in to generate more leads. This enables you to personalise the page to your target audience increasing the chance of an enquiry. You can also capture information in a contact form using online conversion implementations to track where enquiries are coming from. Not only is this a great lead generating tool, you can provide the user with a lot of useful information about that specific area. Providing the best useful information is essential when looking to be at the top of Google.

Implement a Pop Up Strategy

Another fantastic way to encourage lead capture would be to create and apply a ‘Pop Up Strategy’. Clients who apply a pop up strategy to their website have seen a huge increase in lead generation – Did you know that on average top performing pop-up strategies gain a 9.28% conversion rate! So what exactly is a Pop-up? A pop up is a prompt to the user and a way of suggesting that they take action, increasing the chance of you receiving a lead. Although pop-ups may seem intrusive, if executed tastefully your potential clients will find them extremely helpful!

Not only that but pop-ups can come in different forms depending on what you are looking to achieve. So if you are looking for people to sign up to your property newsletter subscription, you can have a small, well written pop-up that only appears at the bottom of the page. This type of pop-up will not distract the user but can always be seen.

Web Design CTA

CRO – Recommendations

Conversion Rate Optimisation often abbreviated to ‘CRO’ is a phrase you are more than likely to have heard over the last few years. We have invested lots of time and continue to educate ourselves into the psychology of how potential clients use websites. What this means is that we can optimise your website in a way that encourages people to get in touch with you when they visit your website. At the end of the day, it’s the user experience that you need to perfect to become successful online and CRO techniques can provide this in a way to encourage users to make an enquiry.

SEO/ Digital Marketing

If your website is a few years old then without ongoing SEO improvements, it will not be the best it could be! Google, along with the other major search engines change their algorithms every few months, this means that if you are not adapting to the changes and constantly improving your website, you will fall behind in Google rankings and your competition.

Looking to get your agency website noticed elsewhere online? You need to create a digital marketing strategy that consists of social media management, newsletter posts, content writing and much more! Although it might seem like this is common practice and everyone is doing it, you’d be surprised how many agencies don’t keep on top of their marketing efforts which result in a poor outdated website that people don’t want to associate with.

It’s simple, the better your rankings are in the search engines, the more leads you will generate. We know exactly what it takes to improve your rankings, so if you’re looking for help, check out our Estate Agency digital marketing services here >

That’s not all

You didn’t think we would give away all of our top tips on improving your Estate Agency website did you? If you are looking to grow your online brand and generate more leads to your website, contact the property experts today. We provide real estate SEO services for businesses around the world.

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We are always looking for the best Estate Agencies to work with, if you’re ready to reach your potential, we can help!

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