Creating Blog Articles on Agent Plus in 5 Easy Steps

Creating Blog Articles on Agent Plus in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Navigating the Dashboard

The first step of creating a blog article is logging into your dashboard which is your (URL/dashboard)

Step 2: Find the Article Section in the Dashboard

On the left-hand side of the dashboard look for content > News Articles > Create New

Step 3: Creating the Article

Here you can create a new article or edit any existing articles. Create a new article by simply clicking “Create New”.

Step 4: The importance of the Title (H1)

The title is the first thing the site visitor will see so make sure it’s eye-catching! Not only should this be eye-catching but make sure that the title is keyword relevant… for example: Top 5 tourist attractions in Marbella. The main focus of the H1 is to write something that you expect someone to be searching on Google. If you are an Estate Agent that specialises in a certain region then make sure it is referenced.

PRO TIP – If you want to add a video to an article you can do this by uploading the video to YouTube > Right-click the video > selecting “copy embedded code” > In the content section select “tools” and then “source code”. From here paste the code and click save.

Step 5: Do not forget to tag

Tags are used to relate articles to other articles on your site, you will notice that when you are reading an article on the Agent Plus sites there are related articles which are those that are tagged with similar keywords. This is an incentive for the user to stay on the site and browse more and more pages which in turn Google will notice as your content being relevant for property buyers and ultimately your SEO score will increase as a result!

Once you have completed this step, either post immediately or schedule the publish date and click Create Article…

Agent Plus provides those who are eager to rise to the top of Google and all of the tools necessary are there for you to use.

Speak with one of our team if you have any other questions on SEO.

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