Why is Consistency Important for your Property Website?

Why is Consistency Important for your Property Website?

To offer a website that displays all your latest properties is one thing, but offering a website that offers an optimal user experience and generates leads is another! Keeping everything consistent online to go with your offline branding will gain more recognition, trust and leads. This is something that every professional web designer, like ourselves know how to do well.

You might think to yourself, if my my property website is the same on every page, won’t this make it boring? Seeing the same things on every page?

This is not the case, keeping your website navigation, content and logo consistent will help your visitors navigate through your website with ease.

What should be consistent on my estate agency website?


The design of your website needs to be clear and consistent, this will make it stand out from your competitors. If you already have an existing brand identity, it’s essential that you use the same colours, icons and fonts throughout your website design.

The most important elements of a website that should stay consistent are:

  • Logo – Displaying the same logo on the same part of each page will develop a stronger brand trust and recognition with the visitor.
  • Website Navigation – Keeping your navigation consistent will allow users to browse your website with ease, enabling them to find out what they are looking for quickly.
  • Colours – As well as your logo, the same colour theme should be used across every page of your website.
  • Website header & footer – Keeping the header and footer the same across all pages of your website will give the user something to come back to when they are ready to navigate around your website. It’s important that your website header includes your websites most important navigation links.


Similar to your websites design, it’s important that your content is consistent too. This means that when you list a property for sale, all of the property information should be in the same place for every listing, otherwise a visitor may be unable to find the information that they are looking for and check out one of your competitors instead.

Not only that, you need to make sure that your content is of the highest quality, offering the user as much information as possible to help them make that crucial buying decision.

Did you know that consistent brands are worth up to 20% higher than those who aren’t?

Web Design CTA

Consistency Elsewhere…

Social Media

Use your estate agency logo as your profile picture and an identifiable image as your cover photo across all social media channels. If you’re displaying different images across different platforms, this will potentially make your brand unrecognisable to people who would otherwise follow you.

Online Presence

One of the most strongest ranking factors to this date is the amount of trustworthy links pointing to your website, so you must make sure that you are only linked from trustworthy websites.

To do this you should provide consistent company information, your logo, opening times and any other necessary information. Providing out of date information on different websites could confuse the potential buyers so they will look elsewhere.

Why is consistency important?

If your website is consistent your users will be able to find what they want with ease, creating a strong brand trust. People notice if you take the time to make your website user friendly, so make sure that you are offering the best possible online experience to potential buyers. If you need a helping hand or are looking to update your property website contact us today.

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