How do you choose the right Web Designer?

How do you choose the right Web Designer?

To succeed within the property industry you need to be able to offer the best brand experience for your customers, if you are unable to do this within your organisation it’s important to consider hiring a web designer that will be able to project and enhance all brand expectations.

Meeting expectations

Choosing a designer isn’t just about hiring someone who is capable of designing, but to ensure they can meet all expectations of the business. In addition to being a good designer, you should also be looking for someone who has the following traits:

  • Easy to work with
  • Great personality
  • Be able to think on their feet
  • Follows brand guidelines

Having the same intent and being able to vision a client’s expectations is vital.

Similar projects

Take a look at the designer’s portfolio of previous work, this will be a crucial indicator to see if they will work well with your brand requirements. If a candidate has huge potential but can’t give examples of similar projects, find out what ideas they can come up with, will they be passionate about creating your brand’s design expectations?

Solid track record

Choosing the right web designer/ or design agency is essential, you don’t want to hire a someone to build a website that goes against everything you imagined. The right designer will have an outstanding track record that will show evidence of following brand guidelines and hitting essential deadlines.

We have been around for over 10 years, not only that our website portfolio offers an array of gleaming property website design examples.

Communicate & recognise problems

Be clear with your goals and expectations, a web designer won’t be able to read minds. Give as much background information and provide a creative brief. Make sure that if the designer has any problems they have a clear way to contact with you, this will ensure all designs are flawless from the start, rather than making endless alterations.

When looking to hire a web designer, it’s important not to just look for a specific skill set, but the overall creativity, personality and their compatibility to work will with your company. If you are looking for a property web design company to move your website forward, contact us today, we are happy to help.

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